Recycling Gets A Boost At Forest Avenue Ballfields

The Forest Avenue initiative is part of a larger effort to promote recycling at parks and beaches in Swampscott.


This article was submitted by Glenn Kessler.

As part of the “greening” of Swampscott, Swampscott Softball has generously donated recycling cans for all the dugouts at the complex.

After speaking with Gino Cresta from DPW, it was agreed that if someone purchased bins, he would authorize recycling pick up to be done in conjunction with garbage collection at the fields.

Recycling is now a reality there.

As part of the initiative, coaches from Swampscott Softball and Swampscott Little League will educate their players that we need to recycle. Plastic and cans go into the blue bins and trash will continue to be put into the metal containers as before.

The recycling project at the Forest Field complex is the beginning of a larger program to bring recycling to our parks and beaches this summer.


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