Historical Society Garden Party Blooms Beautifully

Forty-five Swampscott Historical Society members and friends gathered for the party outside at the Sir John Humphrey House lawn on Saturday.


This article was submitted by Betty Dean Holmes, secretary of the Swampscott Historical Society.

Despite the dire predictions of the weathermen, the Swampscott Historical Society Garden Party, on the Sir John Humphrey House lawn at 99 Paradise Road, went off beautifully.

The yard looked pretty with the help of the Swampscott Garden Club ladies. The ten tables had white tablecloths and each table had a vase filled with summer flowers and the women who set up, scattered black-eyed-susan blossoms on the white tablecloths.

Forty-five Society members and friends gathered. Long-time members Betty Loveday and Adele Hanoosh were there. Also, some new young members of the attended. 

Molly Conner, President of the Swampscott Historical Society, greeted guests. Ryan, her husband, served assorted liquid refreshments with lots of ice for it was a warm evening.

Everyone enjoyed the crackers and cheeses and fruits appetizers. By six, most people were ready for the main course, lobster rolls and potato chips from Popo’s. They were beauties.

A few non-lobster lovers enjoyed a roast beef sandwich. Molly Conner’s daughter, Maggie Conner, and her friend, Morgan Lenihan, served the lobster rolls and they made fine waitresses.  

The Historical Society Garden Party was celebrating the 375th birthday of the Sir John Humphrey House. Dessert was a marble cake, prettily decorated with “Happy 375th Birthday.” 

At one side of the yard, set up for display, were this fall’s fundraising raffle prizes. The group includes two rare Swampscott historical plates from the 1970’s, a Town Hall plaque, and a Fish House plaque, and a video of the 150th parade.

This priceless group of Swampscott memorabilia is a donation from Ruth Connell’s estate. Only one hundred raffle tickets are available at ten dollars each. Call Molly at 781-599-3525.  

On Sunday, September 9, 2012, from 3-6 p.m. there will be an open house at the Humphrey House at 99 Paradise Road, for current members and it will also be our fall membership drive. We welcome new members. 

Several guests were welcomed, who’d joined the Swampscott Historical Society while at the Garden Party. 

On Saturday September 22, the Humphrey House will again be open for visitors from ten a.m. to 1 p.m. as an event on the Essex National Heritage “Trails and Sails” weekend. 


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