Food Glorious Food: From Swampscott to Salem

Welcome to our round-up of area restaurant and food news. We know residents want a night out and a break from cooking. Here is some food news.


By the next time we run our monthly food column, Swampscott should have its own frozen yogurt shop open. 

That would be at Vinnin Square.

Renovations were in full swing the last time we stopped by. Even the color-splashed wall display was taking shape.

In the meantime, if you get a craving for a frozen treat topped by anything under the sun you might try the Orange Leaf shop in Marblehead or Salem. 


For produce, meeting people and snacking on a lobster roll, you can't beat Swampscott Farmers’ Market.

It remains in full swing as summer nears end.


in the former home of the clothing store on Atlantic Avenue.
The opening means owner Ellyn Gimbel is currently accepting orders for specialty cakes and dessert tables.
Gimbel said the cake studio, located at 40 Atlantic Ave., will be similar in concept to the much-acclaimed television shows Cake Bossand Ace of Cakes.

The price of lobster is hovering from $4 to $6 according to some recent Patch research on the North Shore.

At Market Basket in Salem, any lobster sells for $3.99 a pound. They will cook it for you in the store, too. Be prepared, often there is a line of lobbies waiting to go in the cooker so you may have to wait 10 minutes, maybe even 20 if they are slammed.

At Crosby's the price of lobster is $5.99 for chicken lobsters and $8.99 for lobsters over one pound. At Stop & Shop in Swampscott, the price is $5.99 for chicken lobsters and $11.99 for those over one pound, up to two pounds. At Whole Foods Swampscott lobster is retailing for $11.99 per pound.
Perhaps the best deal in town is at Marblehead Lobster Co. where prices are ranging from $4.99 for the smallest lobsters to $8.99 for one to two pounders. Those in the medium range will cost you from $5.99 to $7.99.


The restaurant is now open in the space next to , which was formerly occupied by and will offer "everything you'd see on a typical authentic Mexican menu," Felix Bracamontes said.

We can’t lie, we are pretty excited 5CK is back in action in Marblehead. So far, it sounds like things are off to a great start.
According to their Facebook page: “5ck's first week has been a total success!! We have enjoyed seeing so many of our returning customers and meeting so many new faces as well.”
“Our staff has been going strong night and day 24/7 which is why we will be starting our Sunday brunch, next Sunday August 12th. We want it to be the fabulous brunch that you all love and need one more week of preparation! Thanks for understanding!!!
We do recommend a reservation for the dining room and remember the bar area is first come first serve!!”

opened its doors to Marblehead June 15, offering the town a fun new dessert concept fit for families and friends of all ages.
To celebrate their success with friends in the community, Orange Leaf will host a charitable grand opening event Aug. 17 complete with a ribbon cutting by the .
Co-owners Mike Hennessy and Paul Buonopane have committed to donate 100 percent of the day’s sales between the and the local Recreation and Parks Commission.
“This town has welcomed us with open arms, and we want to show them how much we appreciate it by sharing our success with community partners,” Hennessy said.


The space formerly occupied by  and Asahi will be getting new life in the next few weeks. 

The restaurant is slated for an Aug. 15 opening, according to the Village Tavern website.
The restaurant will feature "a variety of great appetizers, burgers and sandwiches along with a nice variety of charbroiled steaks, authentic BBQ, selected seafood and a separate oyster bar featuring of course, oysters, cherrystones, and shrimp," Ingemi wrote in an email. 
In addition to full lunch and dinner menus, the restaurant will cater to those who want to keep up on sporting action with 12 HD televisions.  
The coolest part for Patch? It seems one of our regular columns —  helped in bringing the restaurant to Salem. Ingemi said the February article and comments played a part in identifying the space for the new venture. 


Though a timeline isn't yet set, there will be some changes at the at some point.  The restaurant is now closed for renovations. 

The applicant told the board in addition to the restaurant they may have the opportunity to bump out to accommodate a function hall in an adjoining space in the future.
The new restaurant, which will be called Opus, will keep the same manager as the current manager at the Green Land Cafe. 

The  is now open and word on the street is they have a cinnamon streusel dessert pizza. Check it out here
 celebrated its two year anniversary on Sunday, Aug. 5. Congratulations!

Salemites flocked to the  Monday, Aug. 6,  for the Salem's Best Pizza Competition, and more than 700 voted to crown the city's pizza pie winners. The event, which benefits the , featured five local businesses — , , ,  and . 


What about $3.99 for lobster at Market Basket?
Terry Date August 17, 2012 at 01:51 PM
I will add that, George. And they cook it for you, too.
Terry Date August 17, 2012 at 01:58 PM
Just double-checked with the Salem Market Basket. Yes, they are still $3.99 a pound. That goes for chickens, selects, jumbos, whatever. Usually the lobbies they have are between 1 pound and 1 1/2. We are speaking from experience, here. We love lobsters, even the tomalley, especially the tomalley.


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