Run a Mile Wtih Swampscott Senior Matt Mahoney

Take a virtual run with Swampscott High School senior Matt Mahoney.

From Matt Mahoney's record setting day at Upper Jackson on Tuesday. Credit: Terry Date.
From Matt Mahoney's record setting day at Upper Jackson on Tuesday. Credit: Terry Date.

You may know that he's a cross-country star at Swampscott High School, but did you know he's going to be continuing his running career at Brown University next year? 

Get to know Swampscott senior Matt Mahoney a little better. 

PatchWhat were you doing right before you started filling out this questionnaire?

Matt: Talking with my sister.

P: What is your favorite sport? 

M: My favorite sport is cross country.

P: Where did you pick it up? 

M: I ran cross country in middle school but started to get serious about training when I started high school.

PWhat do you eat on race day? 

M: On race days I normally eat a light breakfast with some fruit or granola bars a few hours before the race.

P: What workout/run sticks with you as being particularly brutal during your time running at Swampscott High School? 

M: A progression workout I did this winter on the track stands out to me as being very challenging. Also, a few runs through Salem Woods last year where I tried to keep up with my former teammate, Peter Hale.

P: If you're out for a run and you can only listen to one song, what is it?

M: Hummer by The Smashing Pumpkins.

P: What is your favorite sport to watch on TV? 

M: Basketball.

P: What's the next personal best you're aiming for? 

M: I'm aiming to run sub-15 in the 5K and close in on the 9 minute barrier for 2 miles.

P: How long have you lived here?

M: I've lived in Swampscott for 17 years.

P: What's your favorite thing about living here?

M: My favorite part of living in Swampscott is being close to the water.

P: Who has been your biggest on-field influence?

M: My coaches Jeff Bartlett and Joe Tenney have been my biggest on-field influences. I wouldn't be where I am right now without their daily support and encouragement.

P: How about off-the-field? 

M: My parents and sister have been my biggest off-field influences.

P: What would be your message for an incoming freshman? 

M: I would tell an incoming freshman to always give his/her best effort, whether it be in school or on a  sports team. Being consistent will help you to improve in almost anything.

PWhat are you doing right after this interview? 

M: After this interview, I plan on watching the second half of the Celtics game.


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