Wellness Week Underway at Swampscott High

The week includes workshops, presentations and assemblies. The program is headlined by Calvin Terrell.

This article is courtesy of Swampscott High health teacher Buck Harris.

Through the efforts of Swampscott High School’s Peer Leaders and Peer Mentors, The Anti-Defamation League’s “A World of Difference” Student Leaders, Guidance and the SHS METCO program, we are pleased to announce Wellness Week (12/17-12/21) at Swampscott High School, headlined by Calvin Terrell.

Calvin Terrell is founder and lead facilitator of Social Centric; an organization he designed to provide education and training for all ages to enhance human interactions and global progress. For more than twenty years, Calvin has lectured, trained, and lead comprehensive workshops for valuing diversity, equity, and justice building in schools, corporations, and civic organizations for thousands of adults, children, and youth throughout the United States.

His work has measurably reduced incidents of bullying, violence, referrals, and contributed to successes in many forms.

We are very fortunate to have Calvin Terrell in Swampscott for two full days of workshops and speaking engagements that will benefit the entire community of learners: students, parents, educators, support staff, & the community.

The presentations are tailored to each age group, but each one examines prejudices and diversity. The presentation uses real life scenarios that spark profound introspection on the roles we play with family, friends, peers, and strangers.

The middle school and high school presentations look at the role of social media, our addiction to electronics, and our need for gadgets and name brands that create social divides and often lead to bias, stereotyping, and eventually, harassment and bullying. All students will be challenged to examine their actions and inactions. In addition, the high school presentation also examines global demographics.

The goal of this process is to provide participants with information beyond national parameters, engage them in experiential learning, emphasize the call for preparedness for living in a global society, engage in serving justice, and heighten understanding regarding the interdependence of all life for planet sustainability.

These programs cover a lot in a small amount of time. Make no mistake; this isn't just another speaker about bullying. This is a life changing program that examines who we are as people inside and what we will do for the world.

The schools that have had him present have been so energized and excited by his message that the students demanded their parents attend at night.

This week and the presentations directly support our core values at Swampscott High School including:

  • Accept responsibility for, and consequences of their behavior and actions
  • Demonstrate respect for themselves and others
  • Demonstrate physical, emotional, intellectual, and social excellence
  • Act courteously and with dignity
  • Recognize and celebrate difference and diversity
  • Act responsibly with the interests of the larger community in mind
  • Develop awareness of local, national, and international issues
  • Recognize the roles of individuals and groups in a global context

Please join us at our evening events for parents. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Wellness Week Outline:

 Open campus is closed Tuesday-Friday during the assemblies and workshops. All students are expected to attend school. This schedule has been designed to best balance academics and social & emotional learning through four days of assemblies and workshops.

Monday, December 17th

Mr.Terrell will present to parents of all METCO Program students (not just Swampscott METCO parents) and any parents of students in the Swampscott Public Schools and the Johnson School in Nahant that work in Boston and choose this event rather than the Tuesday evening event at SHS. Boston parents are also invited to our Tuesday evening presentation.

This presentation is from 6:30-8:00 at the Mass College of Art and Design, 621 Huntington Ave, Boston MA.

Tuesday, December 18th:

Calvin will present at Swampscott Middle School in the morning to grade 8 and head to SHS for a day of classroom presentations and a whole school presentation from 10:34-11:42. 

Calvin will run a workshop with students in the Peer Leaders and ADL A World of Difference groups from 2:30-4:30.

Calvin will present to the Swampscott & Nahant Parent Community in the SHS auditorium from 6:30-8:00. This presentation is geared towards adults.

Wednesday, December 19th:

(Half-Day for Students)

Calvin will present at SMS in the morning to grade 7 and then head to SHS for a presentation for the entire school from 10:20 -12:00.

Calvin will then present at the district professional development workshop for all staff K-12 from 12:30-2:30.

Thursday, December 20th:

Guidance and Peer Leaders will run the Freshmen College Experience event for grades 11 and 12 with recent SHS graduates speaking about the college experience.

Peer Leaders will also hold workshops for students in grades 9-10 dealing with teen issues.

Friday, December 21st:

1:20-2:30 Wellness Day closing assembly:

Hosted by students Tiara Matthews-Smith and Tristan Smith,

A celebration of the many talents of our faculty and students as we close Wellness Week and head off to the holiday vacation!

For more information contact Buck Harris, SHS Health Teacher and Faculty Co-Advisor to Peer Leadership/Peer Mentoring, at (harris@swampscott.k12.ma.us).


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