Update: School Building Committee Public Forum

Will you be attending the public forum?

Swampscott High School.
Swampscott High School.

The Swampscott School Building Committee will hold a public hearing Tuesday, June 17 at Swampscott High School.

The following update was issued Wednesday

Agenda:  Education.  While we will discuss any and all topics, the focus of this SBC Public Forum will be on the most important aspect of this project  - the education of our elementary school children.

News Update:  At the May MA School Building Authority board meeting, the MSBA voted to raise the eligibility cap on construction from $275/sf to $287/sf. This raises the reimbursement grant for this project from $16,295,654 to $16,993,534, which is an increase in grant money of $697,880

Updated information on the school building project may be found at the school district website, www.swampscott.k12.ma.us

stm2010 June 12, 2014 at 02:33 PM
So the taxpayers are on the hook for $35,232,940 instead of $35,930,820.... I still want to know what the cost would be if we renovated all the schools up to code? I'd rather provide the education of our elementary schools in the existing schools, updated of course, if the cost is the same or close enough.
The cost to renovate the schools is allegedly the same amount as building a new school. Except: 1. There is no real plan to renovate the schools. The assumption of the board is that the new school will be built. I don't believe that they could be bothered actually looking into whether or not the schools are renovated. 2. The state will give us 30-43.475% of the cost of the new school. However, I think that will hire the contractor and manage the construction. They did such a good job on the Big Dig. How long will it be until a piece of ceiling falls on one of our kids? 3. I believe that the "cost" of renovations is 10% required and 90% making ever single corner of ever single school building accessible. But since there is no itemized bill, just a number that is exactly the same as the cost to build a new school, there is no way to address the renovation issue. 4. I believe that construction costs to build a new school is 20-50% more per square foot than it is to build a class A office space in Boston. Now, that is just talking about the cost issue. It doesn't address the pedagogical deficiency in putting all of our kids in a huge building. There will also be an enormous issue around traffic. Please ask questions and make your position known. This new school does not have to be built and if it doesn't pass in the special town meeting, it won't happen.
Fred Hammer June 12, 2014 at 03:42 PM
my question is based on a 500000 house your taxes go up 550 daollars a year 20 years . that would make us 9th in the state for taxes is that true


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