Tell Us What You Think: Former Superintendent Malone to be State Education Secretary

Matthew Malone, who served as Swampscott's superintendent of schools, will reportedly be named the Commonwealth's next secretary of education. Tell us what you think of his appointment in the comment box below.


Massachusett's next secretary of education will be a former Swampscott superintendent, Matthew Malone.

He was hired in Swampscott in July 2005 and served until August 2009.

The Boston Globe reported that Malone, the outgoing superintendent of the Brockton school system, will be named to Gov. Deval Patrick's cabinet, replacing Paul Reville.

Former School Committee member Glenn Paster did not serve on the committee until after Malone's departure, but Paster said it was Malone who inspired him to become active in the school system.

"I think he is awesome, I couldn't be happier for him," Paster said.

Not eveyone felt the same way about Malone.

"I think he was the Bruce Springsteen of superintendents," Paster said. "You loved him or you hated him."

Any thoughts about the former superintendent? Let us know in the comment box below.

Kevin Donaher December 14, 2012 at 04:48 PM
Say what you will about Matt Malone, but I found him to be an honest and dedicated educator with a passion for making improvements within the school district. While I may not have agreed with every decision he made during his tenure in Swampscott , Matt always was willing to give you an opportunity to meet with him to take into consideration your views, ideas and suggestions. Lets face it, working within the Swampscott political culture as a public employee, a volunteer on a committee or within the school district it can be one very difficult task for anyone to withstand especially with all the opinions and criticism that can come from all sides in this town. In my estimation Matt had a vision and was willing to make changes that in many cases came with great opposition but in retrospect at least put the town on track to draft a plan to improve the overall quality of education for children.
Restless December 15, 2012 at 04:59 PM
I am glad you had positive experiences with our former superintendent. My own experiences were not so positive. I would sit in SC meetings and watch him treat people with a huge amount if disrespect. If he behaved that way in a public forum how did he behave in private? When I e mailed him I would receive brief flippant responses not really addressing the issues raised. Contrast this with my e mails to Dave Whelan which would be responded to in a timely manner, in depth and with obvious thought and care taken. Poles apart.
bob kahn December 17, 2012 at 09:05 PM
This must be a very bad joke. Malone was rated 2.77 out of 5 by the Brockton school committee with comments that he could not relate to members of the committee. They also complained that he was remiss in collecting cori forms of those people in the schools and the result was a major problem with one of the employees. In Swampscott, he had a no confidence vote from the teachers at the end of his administrating here. After his first year here, about 25% of the high school teachers left. During his administration 11 of the 12 school administrators left.. The Swampscott school district was rated much higher before he came than when he left according to Boston Magazine. How can he possibly be given this post when he listens to nobody else but himself?
Student January 04, 2013 at 04:09 AM
As a student who sat through Malone's entire time as Swampscott's superintendent, I am surprised and disappointed in his appointment as Secretary of Education. I never had a positive experience with him. Every time he spoke to us in assemblies, it felt condescending and it was obvious that he prized certain types of students (athletes) over other types (kids in the arts) and made no effort in forums to hide that he felt sports were the most important thing in our school system and could care less if the arts existed. When students asked him questions, he seemed to brush it off and not take our opinions seriously. Furthermore, he did not seem to take into account student safety during snow storms when we would often be one of the only school districts (if not, the only) in the state open, caring more that he looked good as a superintendent keeping his schools open over the safety of students who have to walk to school (which is very often in a town as small as ours). I am genuinely concerned, now more than ever, about the future of the arts in public schools in Massachusetts knowing first hand how Malone dealt with them in Swampscott. Finally, as a current student at Umass who is already struggling with the fee increases (which have occurred every single semester that I have been there so far....), I am fearful for the decisions he will have a big part in making regarding all of the Umass' in the state, particularly Amherst.
I didn't know Malone at all. I do find it interesting that all of the negative comments do not mention academics or performance.


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