Swampscott Interim Director for METCO Assigned

The program's formner academic support specialist will serve as interim director, through June 30.

Interim METCO Director Jason Greene. Credit: terry Date
Interim METCO Director Jason Greene. Credit: terry Date

Local school officials sought continuity to help Swampscott's METCO students through a difficult time with the loss of program Director Tara Sisco, who died earlier this month. 

Officials found that continuity in a member of Tara Sisco's staff, Jason Greene, the academic support specialist for Swampscott's METCO students.

At Tuesday's Swampscott School Committee meeting, Interim Superintendent Garry Murphy and soon-to-be Superintendent Pamela Angelakis introduced Jason Greene as the interim METCO director.

His assignment is through June 30. The district will post and interview candidates for the open academic support specialist.

The new interim director said in an interview after Tuesday's meeting that the METCO students are working their way through a process as they adjust to the loss of their program director, a woman who was a mother and cheerleader to them.

The high school had five METCO directors from other schools, along with Swampscott High School staff and the high school's principal, Ed Rozmiarek, meet with Swampscott students after Tara Sisco's passing.

The meeting was a chance for the students and others to talk about their program director and what she meant to them, and the uncertainty they face without her steadfast support.

Sixty-seven METCO students are enrolled in Swampscott schools from elementary grades to the high school.

METCO is a voluntary desegregation program. At 34 schools throughout Massachusetts, including Swampscott, METCO provides educational opportunities for city kids and brings diversity to suburban schools.

Pamela Angelakis said she and others thought it was important for the well being of Swampscott's METCO students and the stability of the program to have Jason Greene in place as the director. 

For almost a decade, Tara Sisco was Swampscott's director.

Tara Sisco dedicated herself to helping students succeed, encouraging them and giving them tools to graduate and continue their education.

Several people who knew of her passing said she died of cancer.


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