Student Who Allegedly Wrote Hit List Returned to School

The list was made by a student at lunch in the cafeteria and brought to the principal's attention shortly after lunch ended.

A Middle School student who allegedly wrote names of students on a "hit list" in December is back attending the school.

Middle School Principal Robert Murphy said on Monday that he is not worried that boy is a threat to student safety or school's security.

The boy faced unspecified school discipline for his actions, the principal said,

Legal matters related to the "hit list" remain but as far as school goes the child is back in classes.

On Dec. 18, the boy allegedly wrote names of several students on a napkin in the school cafeteria at lunch.

Immediately after lunch, two students told the principal and a school guidance counselor about the list.

The student who wrote the classmates' names was questioned by the principal in his office and the boy produced the list, the principal said.

The principal notified the Swampscott school resource officer and the superintendent.

Police responded to the school with a detective and officer to investigate, according to the police department's log.

The principal also assembled his crisis team, including the school nurse, a guidance counselor and the vice principal. The students whose names were on the list were placed with adults for reassurance while their parents were notified.

The parents came to the school and met with their children.

Those students finished the day at school and returned on Wednesday.

The school's response all took place in about 30 minutes of the discovery of the list, the principal said.

The principal said earlier that he and his team take any kind of threat seriously. He credits the students for bringing the incident to his and the guidance counselor's attention.

He said the student who is said to have made the list faced an appropriate level of discipline based on severity of the incident.





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