Principal Millington a Finalist for Marblehead High Post

Swampscott High Principal Layne Millington is a finalist for principal jobs at two nearby high schools.


Swampscott High School Principal Layne Millington is one of three finalists for principal positions at both Peabody Veterans Memorial High School and Marblehead High School.

Marblehead Superintendent Greg Maass is expected to announce the new principal on Monday, said Louise Genualdo, director of human resources for Marblehead schools.

The other two finalists are Deb Heaton, Marblehead High's interim principal, and Edward Rozmiarek, Lowell High headmaster.

The Marblehead principal search started in January when a screening committee recommended eight applicants to an interview committee.

The interview committee conducted interviews and narrowed the field to four finalists.

One of them subsequently accepted a position elsewhere.

The Marblehead superintendent interviewed the finalists before February vacation.

 The other two candidates for the Peabody administratve post are:

  • Eric Buckley, assistant principal at Peabody Veterans Memorial High School
  • John Dillon, assistant principal for education services at Minuteman Regional High School

The successful candidate for the Peabody position is expected to be announced to the Peabody community by Feb. 27, though the School Committee will find out first.

Several members of the Swampscott School Committee sought to keep the Swampscott High principal in Swampscott by bringing forth a motion on Tuesday that would have made Millington superintendent in January of 2014.

That motion was later withdrawn after debate between supporters and opponents. Opponents argued that any choice for superintendent should first go through a selection process.

Earlier, we asked the principal for any thoughts he cared to share about his possible move to Peabody.

He said his experience with the students, faculty and parents at Swampscott High has been incredible.  

"Through their work, the school has grown immensely by every measure of achievement in an extraordinary way," he said.  "However, I am looking at my professional options for the sake of my family and to ensure my own professional growth."

Swampscott Superintendent Lynne Celli said earlier that if Principal Millington is successful and gets the Peabody job, she said, the district will seek an administrator to continue the district's progress just as it has at the Middle School and Stanley School where principals left for new jobs last year.

Millington, formerly the assistant principal at Belmont High School, has been at the helm at SHS since July 2010.

John February 26, 2013 at 06:36 PM
Billerica Schools‏@BillericaPS BMHS Finalists and dates for visit: Mr. Thomas Murphy (2/26), Mr. John Dillon III (2/27), Mr. John Smith (2/28), Mr. Layne Millington (3/1) Retweeted by BMHS Athletics Add One More To The List !!!
Clarence "Screaming Buffalo" Swamptown February 26, 2013 at 09:21 PM
How many interviews is Principal Millington going on now, 4? Maybe he should teach the Swampscott High kids a class on Resume Writing before he goes. With all these interviews lined up, his resume must look pretty impressive.
Whisky February 27, 2013 at 12:11 AM
Myjanda February 27, 2013 at 01:17 AM
Clarence, what does it matter to you how many interviews Mr. Millington has lined up? The fact that so many schools want him seems to confirm that he is a strong candidate with a good reputation. And if someone is actively job searching, it would make sense to apply to several different places, so why do you seem to have a problem with how Mr. Millington is handling his job search? If you have a problem with Mr. Millington, or anyone else, why not just say it, instead of making snide comments?
Clarence "Screaming Buffalo" Swamptown February 27, 2013 at 05:23 AM
Myjanda, Actually, I'm serious, our graduating seniors could learn something about resumes from him. The man is obviously a great educator, and resume writer if he's in consideration for all these positions. Thanks for the attack anyway. It made my day.


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