Poll: Move a Welcome to Swampscott Sign?

This week we move from politics to art. We are asking people if they prefer that the King's Beach artwork that welcomes people to town be moved to the high school.

Last week we ran a political poll about the Sixth Congressional District race.

Here are the results:

How would Tisei fare among Swampscott voters in a Sixth District race against Tierney?

  • Tisei Wins 28 (40%)
  • Tierney Wins 42 (60%)

Total votes: 70


This week's question springs from a thought of Angela Ippolito's.

After the last Historical Commission meeting ended, Angela suggested that the art work posted at King's Beach be moved to the high school.

This is her own idea not a Commission initiative and no action is being taken to carry it out.

She said she wants the art work to be moved to a place where it is protected from the elements — say, the high school, since it was a high school project. Another sign would go up in its place at King's Beach.

Even though there is Plexiglas protecting the art she thinks the sign would be better preserved if it was moved from the beach.

art teacher Anita Balliro was involved in the sign's creation by high school students a the old high school about 10 years ago. 

The painting looks to be OK, though the Plexiglas covering is discolored.

On the other side, a few ceramic pieces have fallen from the mosaic.

Anita said the sign can easily be repaired if there is any damage to it.

She said moving the sign would defeat its original purpose, which was to have students create art work that welcomes people to town.

The sign's two sides includes a painting of a Swampscot dory; and a ceramic map, a mosaic of sorts, displaying local landmarks.


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