Middle School Teacher and District Officials Seek Agreement

Media teacher Glenn Kane was placed on administrative leave in May but later returned to the classroom when school officials found no evidence that his actions were illegal. Still, the two sides are trying to strike a mutually acceptable agreement.

Superintendent Lynne Celli said an agreement is in the works between the school system and media teacher , who was placed on administrative leave in May.

Kane was placed on after his appearance in an online video.

He later returned to the classroom to finish out the year and is expected to be in the classroom when school starts, Celli said at last night's School Committee meeting.

The superintendent also said that the district's lawyer was awaiting a response from Kane's lawyer — as recently as an hour before last night's committee meeting.

She said the talks are an attempt to come to some sort of an agreement that both sides can live with.

She did not say what the arrangement would be but said the information would be released upon agreement.

Parent Kimberley Fillenworth told Celli and the School Committee she was concerned that school administrators were not forthcoming with information after the middle school teacher was placed on administrative leave.

Celli said administrators were limited in what they could tell parents because the matter was unresolved and under investigation.

Fillenworth also said she is concerned about her child having to attend the teacher's class this year, and would prefer that she not have to take the class.

The mother also asked if parents could sit in on the media class.

The superintendent said media communications and media literacy are part of the school's core curriculum and must be taken by students.

The school principal will ensure that the media teacher is presenting material consistent with class requirements, Celli said.

The superintendent said she would have to research whether it has been the school's practice to allow parents to sit in on classes.

Celli said she was concerned in May and remains concerned about the safety of all children at the school whether they are in the media teacher's class or any other class in the school.

She also assured the parent that her concerns are not isolated.

"I think you speak for a lot of people ...," the superintendent told Fillenworth.

Kane is an actor and.

The seven-minute video he appeared in was an entry in the 48-Hour Film Festival. 

The festival is a speed-movie-making contest and takes place worldwide. Thousands of filmmakers are given a few movie elements upon which to build a short film.

The movie in which the Swampscott teacher appears is a comedy about two male exotic dancers.

It has been seen by numerous people in town and is available on the Internet. 

Trish August 18, 2011 at 12:19 PM
If the school had more teachers like Mr. Kane (dedicated ones) than maybe 30% of last years 8th grade class wouldn't have left. Get rid of the teachers that don't want to be there and are only there for the money because of their tenure. The middle school would not have a drama program if it wasn't for Mr. Kane and Mrs. Bowler the school system NEEDS teachers like them.


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