Middle School Recognizes Two Students' Hard Work

Liam O'Brien and Annie Norton are team players, as well. They listen to and help their classmates.


Liam O'Brien and Annie Norton didn't know why they were called to the principal's office but they were sent there.

What they found out was that a couple of awards were waiting for them.

Teachers at the grades 5-8 Swampscott Middle School nominated Liam, 13, and Annie, 14, for the school's effort award, given out each month.

Principal Robert Murphy told them the engraved plaques they received recognize and reward them for their consistent and well done work.

Liam, who likes to play and listen to music, and whose favorite class is social studies, is an extremely thoughtful student, say the teachers who nominated him for the effort plaque.

"His teachers feel that he is always willing to improve what he has done, so far, despite the fact that his work is consistently done at a high level," reads the nomination remarks.

Liam said he is motivated to do well because he realizes how important it is, and recognizes that a person's reputation precedes that person.

Annie, who plays soccer and participates in school drama productions, and whose favorite class is French, is a very reliable student, say the teachers who nominated her for the award.

"She completes her work consistently at a high level, and she is always willing to share her thoughts and ideas," reads her nomination remarks. "She is very considerate of her classmates and is very helpful to those around her."

Annie said she is motivated to apply herself for a couple reasons.

One, she likes to get her work done and, two, she wants to improve at whatever it is she is working on.

The effort award plaques are donated each month by Crown Trophy in Peabody.


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