Hadley Snaps Her Fingers (VIDEO)

The old school moved like new in a world of rhythm Wednesday.


Listen to sounds around you.

Each drum amplifies an idea.

New ideas equal strength.

Be generous with music.

Think you've got rhythm and you've got it.

Ideas came as regular as a heart beat in Hadley Elementary's auditorium Wednesday.

Visiting music teacher Tony Vacca's lessons flowed in rhythm. With emphasis. And energy.

He taught them with words, demonstrations and sounds. Together.

He shook, clapped and rapped.

Sounds ranged from rattling to thunderous to bell-like.

Low bells; high bells.

lo-lo hi-hi


Kids absorbed the sounds, performed them solo and as a group before each hour ended.

Tony Vacca's World Rhythms came to the school from the Hadley PTA and Local Cultural Council.

The PTA's Rebecca Spellios heard rave reviews about World Rhythms before inviting Tony to teach.

"He's playing, not just talking about playing," Rebecca said.

And he had the kids playing even as he talked.

Music captivated the room. The kids and the adults. 

"The most powerful thing in the world is the next new idea," Tony said. "We play music to make us grow strong."


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