Updated Gallery: More Swampscott High Graduation 2012

Add your own graduation photos. The Class of 2012 turned their tassels and tossed their caps and said farewell to high school on Sunday.


Swampscott High graduates remembered their early days and the road they have traveled.

The students looked happy but also sad Sunday saying goodbye to their school days and classmates at graduation exercises in the field house.

Commencement was held inside due to the weekend's wet weather.

Speakers told the Class of 2012 to listen to their good selves and work for the greater good.

Class Vice President Lara Dandreo reminded them of their early years, and a shirt some wore as youngsters that bore a saying that assured them that if they remembered where they started they would aways find success.

Class President Kristin Wheeler turned to the Cowardly Lion, Tin Man and Scarecrow — characters in the Wizard of Oz — to trace the class's growth from elementary school children to high school seniors.

In the end they learned they needed each other, she said.

Commencement speaker Nick Hartmann encouraged classmates to move from fear to good cheer. He told a story about riding the Bizarro roller coaster on a recent school band trip to Six Flags New England.

His terror turned to excitement from the first to the third ride.

His address too turned to a storybook character, Christopher Robin, who told Winnie the Pooh: "You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think."

Valedictorian Paulina Perlin encouraged classmates to remember the good times and the bad times, and to use anger and powerlessness from the bad times to shape the world in a better way.

Looking ahead, she urged her classmates to break free from what will be college standard bearers — books and partying.

She encouraged them to challenge inefficiency and inequality and better the world.

Teacher Peter Franklin urged the graduates to listen to their authentic selves, the selves that tell them they can do what they set out to do.



Alexandra Crystal Adams

Ashley Elisabeth Althoff

Michael Broderick Bagarella

Andrew James Baker

Alexa Marie Baldacci

Meredith Jean Ball

Nicholas Ryan Barbuzzi

Tobin Caleb Bartolo

James Warren Beane

Thomas John Beaulieu

Adam Henry Beermann

Rocky Frank Benedetto

Zachary Spencer Benson

Hiren Bhattacharya

Kelly Jean Birchmore

Anna Jane Booras

Donald Leon Bray, Jr.

Daniel Jesse Bromberg

Robert Andrew Brooks

Amanda Judith Buks

Benjamin Michael Callahan

Maxx Blatsos Cargill

Lucrezia Elizabetta Ceccarelli

Alexandra Lee Chasse

Daniel Michael Chulsky

Haley Lenore Churchill

Elijah James Clark

Shiloh Samson Clark

Lindsey Taylor Clifford

Shannon Eileen Coffey

Christopher Michael Condon

Kristen Rose Connor

Samantha Katelyn Coogan

Daniel Ilan Copeland

Julianna Marie Covino

Alicia Asami Coyle

Gino Anthony Cresta

Paitan Nicole D’Entremont

Lara Elizabeth Dandreo

Gregory Mathew Dart

Jesse Ann DePaolo

Joseph Charles DeSalvo

Gillian Marie Dilisio

Alana Maria Dolan

Laiana Garcia Dos Santos

Christopher Ryan Doucette

Heather Theresa Doyle

Taylor Anne Eaton

Jaylon Quincy Edwards

Emily Joyce Emerson

Hannah Grace Ellen English

D’Aaron Sheldon Dayquan Ennis

Abigail Charlotte Feldman

Eduard Felix Fidler

Jeremy Spencer Fischer-Block

Ethan Charles Forman

Matthew Joseph Gambale

Nicolette Jo Gateman

Nicole Molly Kate Gioiosa

Joseph Lawrence Gladstone

Samuel Leo Gold

Nickolas Goldovt

Michael Righi Hamel

Nicholas James Hartmann

Jennifer Ou Heng

Kiernan Patrick Hopkins

Katherine Ann Hubauer

Justin Patrick Hynes

Christopher Philip Iudice

Devyn Amanda Jaffe

Nile Corey Jones

Amanda Averill Jordan

Parker Ellis Brandalise Kahn

Zachary Tadous Kalapinski

Ryan Patton Kelley

Shannon Grace Kelley

Patrick Edward Kennedy

Hannah Leah King

Karyssa Ann King

Peter Leon Klee

Cody Kenney Kline

Ndricida Kordha

Ashiwan Kumar

Anton Vladimirovich Kuyuzov

Mikhail Aleksandr Kuyuzov

Mitshella Elisabeth Labaty

Noel Nicolle Landry

John Aidan Lang

Niki Diane Laskaris

Mark Nicholas Lausier

William Monaco Leahy

Courtney Ann Leblanc

Christopher Jason Leclerc

Francis Howard Legere

William Currie Legere

Robert Wall Long

Christopher Joseph Kenneth Lovering 

James Jeremy Lowe

Lindsey Kieu-Linh Ly

Cody Mahlon Maher

George Michael Major

Lindsey Jeanne Marini

Derek Joren Mayo

Kelsie Ann Mayo

Victor Finjap Mbock

Madeline April McKie

Colleen Elizabeth Meagher

Joseph Edward Medoff

Nicholas Louis Meninno

Douglas Michael Mentuck

Michelle Andrea Migdalovich

Alexandra Christine Moccia

Courtney Jan Monahan

Licinio Gomes Montrond

Kristal Naom Morfa

Sarah Jean Muller

Caroline Doane Murphy

Erik David Murphy

Matthew Thomas Nardiello

Holly Emily Noonan

Sean Walter O’Brien

Phillip Joseph O’Connor

Marina Janelle Padovani

David Michael Paradise

Tatum Louise Pederson

Paulina Rose Perlin

Jonathan Bernard Perlstein

Justin Williamson Perry

Ashley Kristen Petras

Georgia Demetra Polemenakos

Kellie Jean Pollard

Vanessa Madelene Popeo

Artem Alekseyevich Potapov

Luciano Paolo Rex

Evan Francis Rhodes

Olivia Ann Robson

William Patrick Ross

Adam Zachary Samborn

Marina Villefort Sanches

Daniel John Santanello

Noelle Cherie Saulnier
James Joseph Shasha

Patrick Joseph Sheehan

Anthony Manuel Silva

Philip Taylor Smith

Lauren Rose Smyth

Ariela Rachel Solomon

Kristina Elaine Sperounes

Stephanie Elise Strager

Christopher Ryan Sullivan

Richard Francis Sullivan

Ross Hugh Sullivan

Trey Michael Sverker

Christopher Harris Tibbetts

Brianna Alyce Tillotson

Rita Elizabeth Tsokanis

Michaela Paige Turner

William James Valle

Matthew James Videtta

Danica Rose Villanueva

Angela Mary Vousboukis

Kathy Thuy Van Vu

Emily Grace Walls

Michael Garron Walsh

Erica Alexandra Weinstein

Victoria Elizabeth Wharff

Kristin Michelle Wheeler

Trachita Wintera Wheeler

Trevor Thomas Whelan

Ronald Anthony White

Ronniece Antoinette White

Frances Acadia Willis

Michael Dineen Wynne

Ye Xiong

Lesly Yankelevich

Adam Yim

Dylan Alexander Young

Abdirahman Abdullahi Yusuf

Katherine Anne Zarinsky

Henry Gene Zavriyev

Eric James Zeller

Ashley Fatim Zogba

Susan Gambale June 04, 2012 at 05:39 PM
My son lost a ring - gold with three diamonds - at graduation during the cap toss. The ring was a graduation gift from his grandfather. If you found it, please return it to the Swampscott HS Office. Thank you very much.


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