Photo Gallery: Hundreds Plunge For Education

Caribbean-style music piped through Yacht Club speakers and hundreds of bare-footed plungers tromped into Swampscott Harbor on Sunday.


Hundreds of plungers submerged themselves in 40-degree sea water Sunday raising thousands for the Swampscott Education Foundation.

As usual, Greg "Polar Bear" Fitzgerald enjoyed his ocean plunge.

"I love this," he said, minutes after returning to land. "I get fatter, hairier and heavier every year — so it gets easier."

Fortunately, there were no seals on the beach.

But there were plenty of polar bears, about the same or more as .

The bear who perhaps migrated the farthest for this rite of winter was Evert Kolthof.

He came from Valthermond, Holland, about two hours east of Amsterdam.

Evert joined his son, Dutch Kolthof, of Swampscott, splashing in the water. 

The two were in high spirits before, during and after the event, each donning jester-like hats and bonding during the family visit.

Many of the several hundred people oncame as families.

One of the youngest, if not the youngest, plunger was Owen Begin.

He and his brother both sported chocolate moustaches, courtesy of the hot chocolate served by Janell Cameron of Hadley School.

Children throughout town will benefit from the plunge.

The last five years it has raised more than $50,000 for local charities.

This year's plunge benefits the Swampscott Education Foundation. 

The Foundation funds creative and innovative ideas that enrich the curriculum in Swampscott public schools. 


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