Communication a Top School Goal

School Committee members want the district to do a better job of communicating to parents.

School Committee members say communication is a critical item among Superintendent Lynne Celli’s goals for 2011-12. 

On Wednesday, Vice Chairman Larry Beaupre said the committee does not want parents to stand up at committee meetings saying they are not being told about things that are going on at the schools.

“Like tonight,” he said.

He was referring to a parent who was concerned that details were hard to come by after a was placed on administrative leave at the end of the school year.

At an earlier meeting, June 22, several parents stood up and said they were unhappy about changes to the program.

School Committee members were unaware of the changes.

Regarding the middle school situation, the superintendent said school officials were limited in what they could say because the matter was under investigation.

Regarding the music changes at the high school, the superintendent said at the June meeting that the changes were in flux and administrators were hopeful until the last minute that the situation could be resolved.

In any event, School Committee Chairwoman Jackie Kinney said on Thursday that communication must be a top priority.

“We as a district need to be more proactive about communicating things,” Kinney said. “We have to be better about being out in front of things.”



Mike G August 19, 2011 at 11:45 AM
Communication is huge and the school department is lacking in this venue. Have you ever tried to leave a message for a teacher or try to send an email? If the teacher doesn't use Homework Now, then its a guessing game for their email address. THen you get the excuse once you get the email address that their email account is not working right or the computer is at fault! Leave a message at the office and it may take a few days for a call back! Even the principal is at fault for not replying to emails! If this was a private company this would not happen; people know in the private sector communication is the difference between keeping customers or losing them. An example, middle school kids leaving and high school students leaving for a more friendlier atmosphere. Arrogance permiates thru the school system. THe we know whats right and do it our way or the highway attitude has cost this town students and parent volunteers. I am not saying everybody is at fault, but the attitude and communication skills are lacking. What do you people do on those retreats anyways?
Thomas Maccarone August 19, 2011 at 12:17 PM
As a retired Swampscott HS teacher, I can only tell you this is what happens when there is a frequent turnover in both the faculty and adminsitration. The failure of the school committee to hire compentent administrators at the high school has severely impacted the programs and the relationship with parents. Teachers are left wondering what will come next. Every new adminstrator thinks that whatever was in place needs to be thrown out and does not value the sucesses of prior years. I hope that the current admin will stay and return Swampscott HS to its better years. I would add that selecting Jon Flanagan as Athletic Director is a move in the right direction.
Just a parent August 19, 2011 at 03:03 PM
terry..why is mike g an appropriate name? i thought the policy was to use a full name.


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