5 Things Including Young Scientists

Parents of Spencer Reames showed kindergarten students the power of cylinders.


1) Newsbit of the Day: Hadley School Principal Sandra Rivers reports that Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Reames, parents of Spencer in Mrs. Wheeler's Hadley kindergarten, shared their scientific knowledge through a series of experiments. The kindergarten scientists, noticeable by their white lab coats, learned to put a plastic straw through a raw potato by covering up the other end of the straw with a finger. In case you were wondering ... cylinders are strong if compressed from end to end.

2) Swampscott Scholars:  Class of 2012 graduate Jesse DePaolo received the James A. Remis Memorial Scholarship. 

3) A bit of Redd (Foxx):  Health nuts are going to feel stupid someday, lying in hospitals dying of nothing. 

4) Weather Watch: The National Weather Service is forecasting a sunny day with a high near 42.

5) Business Listing Watch: VIDEO: Businesses: Time to Claim Your Listing on Patch! It's Free! And Comes With Extra Cheese!

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