Weekly Recycling on Selectmen's Agenda

The Board meets tonight at 7 at Town Hall.


Board of Health members will talk to selectmen about weekly recycling when they meet tonight. The meeting is at 7 at Town Hall.

The other discussion item on the agenda:

  • How to handle license renewals and money owed the town.

Board votes are scheduled on the following:

  • A plan to form a two-member selectmen's subcommittee on policies and procedures for license renewals and money owed the town
  • Naming the high school track at Upper Jackson in honor of Dave Whelan, who died last year and was a strong supporter of local schools.

As far as the recycling topic goes, health board members will give an update on how things are going with their plans, said Rich Malagrifa, chairman of the Board of Selectmen..

The weekly recycling topic has come before selectmen several times in the past two years.

Last summer Town Administrator Thomas Younger said he wanted to review town finances over the next three months to see if it could afford the weekly service.

Right now the town has recycling every two weeks.

Some residents have lobbied for making it weekly since the new waste reduction program took effect in October 2011.

The Board of Health reported in June of 2012 that the move from biweekly to weekly curbside pick-up of recycled materials would have cost an additional $38,000 in Fiscal 2013.

John January 24, 2013 at 01:01 PM
$18.84 / $1000 and we cant afford weekly recycling ? For that tax base we should have someone taking out our garbage every day. Go ahead, Just try to sell your house for anything close to its assessed value ...


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