Town Votes to Transfer King's Beach Maintenance to State

Local officials think the transfer is a longshot.

With little hope of success, the Board of Selectmen voted Wednesday night to begin the process of asking the state legislature to have the Department of Conservation and Recreation to take over the maintenance of King's Beach.

The DCR already maintains the beach in Lynn, but stops at the Swampscott line.

Town Administrator Thomas Younger said the difference in the lighting, the wall and the railings on the beach in Lynn was far superior to that in Swampscott.

The town took over maintenance of King's Beach from the state in 1968.

Younger said, "It is doubtful if any legislation would pass if the state agency opposes it."

But he and the Board of Selectmen argued that it would be good to start the process in the event that the state gets more money and would be willing to start discussions with Swampscott about King's Beach.

"We would at least have a seat at the table," said Selectman Glenn Kessler.

Board Chairman Rich Malagrifa said he has been working on King's Beach transfer to the state for years. "It has never gotten any traction with the state," he said.


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