TELL US: Town Meeting to Decide How to Spend $175,000 from Grown Ups 2

Tell us how you think the town should spend the money. The Special Town Meeting is scheduled Oct. 5.


The team has left Swampscott, but not without contributing about $300,000 to the town, including $175,000 in cash that the Town Meeting will decide how to spend.

The Special Town Meeting, which includes proposed funding for a study on the district's elementary school building needs, is Oct. 5. 

Thomas Younger told the Board of Selectmen Wednesday night that he is assembling a team of city department heads and a select group of private citizens to offer "some fresh ideas" on how the town might spend the money derived from being host to the Adam Sandler movie.

The issue could be decided at the October Town Meeting, Younger said.

"There is no conspiracy that people will spend the money on their pet projects," said Selectman Jill Sullivan.

Under state law, only the Town Meeting members can allocate the money.

In addition to the cash, the movie has financed some public works projects, is restoring fields and made contributions to the schools, Younger said.

One thing the money will not be used for is to lower the proposed sewer rates for next year.

Selectman David Van Dam proposed that the Town Meeting might use the funds from the movie to lower the rates.

Younger said state law would not allow the town to contribute funds to water and sewer enterprise funds. 

David Arsenault August 29, 2012 at 04:25 PM
"Study, planning alot of money", So spend, spend, spend on " Pot holes, speeding and park maintenance". You must be another one who's high&dry. So when the drainage is fixed the newly paved streets with all new base and top coats can be ripped up? Sounds like a good plan. Maybe a few speeding citations are what people who are driving to endanger need. As for your parks do you really think a recreation area should take priority over someone's home. Your statements here are selfish IMO. Yes money should be spent on drainage when families homes are being destroyed to Town Street run off. Just So you know my neighborhood is forming a associaton and seeking a lawfirm to deal with future issues and the outcome will probably cost the town more than 175k. As for that # not being enough to fix the problem a Pipe layed on the south bound side of 1A may be as little as 150k.
A+ Schools August 29, 2012 at 05:54 PM
David, I read your comments and stayed quiet. Your last post is plain dumb. If you are so unhappy MOVE. I too was effected by flooding and I live on a &*%$# hill!! This was the third time for me. I feel your pain. However, you are acting like a child. If you expect any help from the town your comments aren't going to work. As an FYI, your $150,000 estimate is also silly. Adding a small home addition is basically $150k. Digging up the road, laying gravel, new piping, reconnecting and completing the job sounds more like $500,000/$750,000 at a minimum. Additionally, Route 1A is a state road. The town DOES NOT have jurisdiction. Just a thought, IMO, try the carrot instead of the stick. I was on your side, but your tone has lost me and others I have spoken with. You are NOT the only person with a challenge.
Ernie Street August 29, 2012 at 06:00 PM
The Recreation Department has a revolving account loaded with money. Why not spend something to fix the Preesbox? As a resident of Humphrey Street, we need to prioritize before putting this money towards fields, Humphrey is in bad shape and they are only scheduled to fix part of it. How about other roads? Forest Street near the Middle School? 175K won't go far but it will send a message that the Town is willing to do something!
David Arsenault August 29, 2012 at 09:26 PM
"&*%$#", that mean your mad? Move and make it someone else's problem? 3rd time for you 6th for me and not in a house built on a hill that can be corrected. You don't feel my pain how many operations have you had to continue working? I don't expect anything I write to help, that's why we are forming a assn. and seeking a law firm. The 150k estimate was not mine but a coworker in the highway dept, we are both laborers. He suggested to stop paying taxes! State Rd I know that, It's fills up with town Street Run Off and then ends up in our homes, 1-5ft deep depending. Why hasn't the town& State done anything in over 50yrs? On my Side it's not just me but 9 other neighbors as well. I know not everyone in this town cares about others. There's 1 neighbor who coverd up a storm with cement and disguised it to be a walkway sheding water from two lots into my and other neighbor's home. Only person/a challege? Are you fighting for your home or is your agenda a field or paved road? I would never sell to a unexpecting family. I guess you are like the neighbor who covers up drains.
LargeBlue August 30, 2012 at 01:53 PM
Maybe every neighborhood should form an asociation. Maybe the town would look like this... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aAWIZFqE6L4


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