Town and Special Primary Elections Coincide

On April 30, Swampscott will host both its town election and the special state primary election.


Swampscott will host special state primary and town elections on the same day, at the same times and at the same precincts.

On April 30, Swampscott will have three separate ballots for the state primary — for Democratic, Republican and Green/Rainbow party voting — and a town election ballot, said Town Clerk Susan Duplin.

The primary and town elections will be separated and clearly marked as state and town.

The state will help pay the cost of the dual elections, the town clerk said.

The extra cost to the town? 

A few extra poll workers per precinct, election programming costs for the voting machines and probably more postage for absentee ballots requests, the town clerk said.

Getting extra poll workers will not be an issue, the clerk said, as she has a back-up list for extra poll workers.

The state pays for ballot printing for the state election.

Some towns whose town meetings are scheduled for April 30, and coincide with the special primary election, may run into problems.

But Swampscott will not face those problems since its town meeting is in May.

The state primary is being held to nominate candidates to run for the US Senate seat vacated by John Kerry when he became Secretary of State.

The senatorial race is June 30.

William "Mo" Cowan is serving as interim U.S. senator until the special election.

The town election is to elect selectmen, school committee members and other elected officers.


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