Tis The Season To License Dogs

All dog licenses expire on Dec. 31, 2013.

Below is a reminder from Town Clerk Susan Duplin.

Swampscott residents are reminded that all dog licenses expire on Dec. 31, 2013. The Town Clerk’s Office recently mailed the 2014 dog license renewal applications with instructions to all current dog owners. 

Pursuant to Massachusetts General Laws: Chapter 140, Section 137 & the Town of Swampscott General 

ByLaws: Article V: The owner or keeper of a dog six months or older shall cause it to be registered, numbered, described and licensed annually in the Office of the Town Clerk. 

A licensing authority shall not grant a license for a dog unless the owner of the dog provides the licensing authority with a veterinarian’s certification that the dog has been vaccinated in accordance with section 145B, certification that such dog is exempt from the vaccination requirement under said section 145B or a notarized letter from a veterinarian that either certifications was issued relative to such dog. 

Symptoms of Rabies - In animals, unexplained aggression, impaired locomotion, varying degrees of paralysis, extreme depression, or viciousness. The signs of rabies vary in animals; some will display attack-like behavior while others appear sick or dazed. 

Contact your veterinarian for more information. (MGL. Chapter 140,, Section 145) 

DOG LICENSING FEES: Notwithstanding the provisions of MGLA Chapter 140, Section 137 or any other provision of law to the contrary, the annual fees to be charged by the Town of Swampscott for the issuance of licenses for dogs shall be: 

Neutered males or spayed females……………… $10 

Male or females ………………...........................$25

Kennel License: (more than 3)........................$50

Further, should any owner or keeper of a dog fail to license their dog(s) before Jan. 31, that owner or keeper shall pay a late fee of $5.00 before obtaining said license, excepting a dog brought into Town as provided in Section 138 of Chapter 140, MGLA. 

Town Hall Registration 

(Mon. through Thursday: 8 am to 4:30 pm; and Fri 8 am to 12:00 pm.): 

1. Fill out the license renewal form COMPLETELY including a home telephone number. Leave the box containing the license year # blank, that’s for your new tag number. 

2. Bring the appropriate fee (cash or check payable to the Town of Swampscott to the Town Clerk’s Office. 

3. Bring the dog’s current certificate of rabies vaccination (Required by state law). 

To register by mail (24 hours a day using the new drop-off box): 

1. Fill out the license renewal form COMPLETELY. Leave the box containing the license year # blank, that’s for your new tag number. 

2. Enclose the appropriate fee in the form of a check or money order made payable to the Town of Swampscott. NO CASH. 

3. Enclose a copy of your dog(s) current certificate of rabies vaccination. 

4. Enclose a stamped, self-addressed business size envelope. 

Be sure to write “DOG LICENSE” on the outside of the envelope mailed to the Town Clerk’s Office. 

Animal Control Laws and additional 2014 dog license applications are available online under the Clerk’s website at www.town.swampscott.ma.us

For further information visit or contact the Town Clerk’s Office at 781-596-8855. 

Thank you! 

Sue Duplin, Town Clerk


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