Swampscott Signs of Summer: Main Float In and Big Flag Up

Two sure-fire signs of summer arose on the Swampscott landscape this week.


Here is a look at two spring rituals that signal summer will soon arrive in Swampscott.

On Thursday, the raised the town's large summer flag on the Monument Avenue flagpole.

Molly Conner of the captured the flag raising in a series of crisp and colorful photographs.

The photos bring into focus Swampscott landmarks: the flagpole, Monument Avenue and its line of monuments and First Church in Swampscott. All against a spectacular blue sky.

On Friday morning at another Swampscott landmark, Fisherman's Beach, DPW crews moved the main float from its winter resting spot in the parking lot to its summer home at the end of the pier.

Thewill be moved from the lot to the pier's end before Memorial Day, said DPW Director Gino Cresta.

Last boating season the floats took a beating from turbulent weather, strained by storm-tossed waters, their sides clanking against each other in the commotion.

Building inspector Rich Baldacci and DPW crews repaired the battered floats in the spring, replacing hardware, decking and side pieces the wooden frame.

The floats are places for passengers to board and disembark boats. People fish from them, too. 




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