Sidewalk Work Underway at King's Beach

Gravel washed out from underneath the sidewalk at the far end of King's Beach.


Public Works crews and contractors have been at work replacing about a 60-foot section of sidewalk at King's Beach by Red Rock Bistro.

Work on the estimated two- to three-week job started a week ago, right before Election Day.

Public Works Director Gino Cresta said the work was needed because the sidewalk was settling. Gravel had washed out from under the walkway after a nearby storm drain collapsed, he said.

Crews removed the curbing, excavated the old concrete sidewalk and gravelly material below and repaired the storm drain.

The curbing has been reset, subgrade material installed and compacted and a portion of the new concrete sidewalk poured.

The King's Beach sidewalk is a popular, ocean-side walking route.

People often socialize at the Swampscott end, some of them sitting on benches or pausing before they turn around and resume their walk from where they started.

Pairs of orange cones line the side of Humphrey Street along the section of sidewalk under repair, preventing cars from parking along that stretch and providing a temporary walkway.

A Jersey barrier partially blocks access to the newly poured section.

Some walkers used the temporary walking path, between the cones, and some sidestepped the barrier on Monday, traveling over the new sidewalk and the curbing as they continued to the end of the King's Beach walkway.


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