Salem Lateral Pipeline Project Hearing Next Month

A hearing regarding an upcoming gas pipeline project will be held at the Bentley School in Salem on March 6.

Salem Lateral Project. Credit: SpectraEnergy.com.
Salem Lateral Project. Credit: SpectraEnergy.com.
Algonquin Gas Transmission continues to move forward with the Salem Lateral Project, according to an announcement issued by the city earlier this week.

The primary facilities involve the construction of 1.2 miles of a new 16-inch diameter pipeline lateral, extending from Algonquin’s existing HubLine pipeline in Beverly Harbor to a new meter station at the Footprint Power Salem Harbor Station in Salem.

Most recently, Algonquin completed the core borings which are necessary to support the design of the HDDs under Collins Cove and Beverly Harbor. 

The Massachusetts Energy Facilities Siting Board recently initiated an environmental review of the Salem Lateral Project in order to provide input to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in conjunction withAlgonquin’s FERC application.

To assist in that effort, a joint EFSB-FERC public hearing has been scheduled that will provide an opportunity for local residents to offer comments concerning the project.

The hearing will be held on Thursday, March 6 at 7 p.m. at Bentley School, located at 25 Memorial Drive in Salem.

Beginning at 6 p.m., project personnel from Algonquin will also be available to provide additional information and to answer questions in advance of the public hearing.

Oral or written comments will be accepted at the public hearing. 


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