Presentation on Contracting Sewer and Water Services Tonight

Selectmen are scheduled to hear a presentation tonight from a company that maintains municipal sewer and water systems.


A representative for a private company that maintains municipal sewer and water systems will make a presentation to the Board of Selectmen tonight.

The board meets at 7 p.m.

Board Chairman Rich Malagrifa said Selectman Barry Greenfield invited the company to present. 

As it stands, Swampscott Department of Public Works employees maintain the town's water and sewer system.

Under any agreement with a private company, those services would be contracted to the private company, the chairman said.

The chairman does not expect the board to take any action tonight.

"(Ultimately), we will look at this and see if this is something we want to do," he said. 

The services are supported by ratepayers through an enterprise fund.

Also tonight, selectmen are scheduled to hear a presentation on the establishment of an ERUV, a symbolic enclosure that surrounds a Jewish community.

The chairman said the ERUV would allow Jewish people to push strollers and carry items with the boundaries of the ERUV on the Sabbath.

He said he will listen to the presentation and look to the town administrator for a recommendation.



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