Does Ryan Boost Romney's Chance to Win Presidency?

Paul Ryan makes his keynote speech tonight at the Republican National Convention. Let us know in the comments section why Ryan does or doesn't improve the Republican's chances in November.


Earlier this month, presumptive GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney selected Congressman Paul Ryan as his running mate.

Ryan, 42, from Wisconsin, is the House budget chairman and is scheduled to make a critical speech at the Republican National Convention Wednesday night in Tampa.

An estimated 20 million people will tune in and hear the Ryan speech, the biggest speech of his life.

Lenny August 19, 2012 at 08:43 PM
Speaking of "progressives".........I have that kind of eye glasses that so far I haven't gotten used to. My typos are shocking. I meant of course to say "race baiters" in my previous post.
Tricia August 21, 2012 at 04:00 AM
Lenny, Why don't you look up the multiplier effect in your economics book. When Romney/Ryan give themselves and their millionaire/billionaire friends their huge tax breaks and then slide those funds over to their swiss bank accounts (well, Romney's is in the Cayman Islands) the economy will SHRINK. Republican fiscal policies are disastrous for our economy. I think Obama is doing an outstanding job getting this message out; how republicans got us into this mess in the first place!!!
Lenny August 21, 2012 at 11:19 AM
Tricia, you are referring to the multiplier effect in economics? Because the multiplier effect is what happens when capital is left in the private sector, not surrendered to the government where even if the government were not corrupt and incompetent (which it is) there is still a loss because of the cost of administration of the collection and dispersal. It makes you folks feel good to convince yourself that rich people squirrel all their money away in overseas bank accounts, but rich people don't become rich by leaving cash in a bank. Rich people like Romney are rich because they took risk and invested in the market. There is roughly 2 trillion dollars sitting on the sidelines that are not entering the market because of the anti market policies of the Obama administration. When Romney is elected, God wiling, you will see just how well the multiplier effect works when that money is spent in the market and not taken by the government to fund trains to nowhere, non profitable solar panels, or overpriced electric cars.
brian condon August 21, 2012 at 01:44 PM
Lenny Your optometrist must be a Democrat. Those progressive glasses can be a problem when you a coming down a flight of stairs....you may hit bottom long before you planned to do so. May be a plot to sideline you. Reference the multiplier effect. Every administration that has pushed for a tax cut , has relied upon that economic principle as a positive justification. A tax cut of one dollar improves the GDP by multiples of three or more. That was argued by Ford, regan, bush and bush. It is still taught as a real economic factor in graduate economics. Hope you are well....watch out for those glasses on curb stones as well!
Lenny August 21, 2012 at 02:18 PM
I think sometimes people confuse a tax cut with a lack of fairness. You may recall the famous Democratic debate in early 2008 when Charlie Gibson from ABC asked then candidate Obama if he would favor an increase in the capital gains tax despite the overwhelming evidenced that it actually 'reduced " revenue to the gov. Obama said he did because it was fairer. Gibson pressed him, and to Obama's credit, he persisted in his view that even though a tax increase resulted in a loss of revenue to the government, it was still fairer. So Obama and most people on the left understand the mulitiplier effect, but they can't square it with their sense of right and wrong and what is fair or unfair. My view has always been based on the answer to a simple question. Ask a person what they would do if they won a million dollars. My answer would be I'd pay off my mortgage and bank the rest in a safe CD or something of that nature. I am risk adverse and I would not invest the million in a new business. But the Romneys of this would would invest it and therefore risk it. If that same person lost it all in the investment, the most they can write off under current tax code is 3K. Buf if they profit, they are taxed at 15%. I think it is fair to reward people for taking risk and possibly creating a few jobs, especially because someone like me won't do so. So if my taxable percentage is larger than the risk taker, then I'm comfortable with that, and if not I can put my money at risk too.


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