Paving Projects Roll Onward

Summer/fall paving continues today with several roads slated for completion by day's end.


Summer/fall paving continues today with several roads slated for completion by day's end.

These roads are as follows: Lewis Road, Palmer Road, Cutting Road, Mostyn Street, Allen Road and Baycliffe Road.

The following roads have been milled and received a first coat of paving but still need their castings — sewer covers and such — raised and a final coat of asphalt.

They are Humphrey Street, Puritan Road, Spring Court, Oakledge road, Plymouth Lane, Belleair Drive, Duke Street and Ryan Street.

The town selected the most competive bidder for the summer and fall paving contract, DR Paving of Melrose, Public Works Director Gino Cresta said earlier.

DR bid $840,000 on the estimated $950,000 paving package, he said.

Under the contract the Melrose company will have 90 days to complete the work, he said.

Here is the list of streets scheduled for paving.

Salem St Salem line to Humphrey
Aycliffe Rd Harrison Ave to Dead End Allen Rd Humphrey to Sumner Mostyn St Eulow to Beach Bluff Humphrey St Atlantic to Marblehead Line Cutting Rd Shephard Ave to Bradlee Ave Palmer Rd Atlantic to End Lewis Rd Kensington to Pleasant St Puritan Rd Woodbine to Winshaw Spring Ct Paradise to End Oakledge Rd Paradise to Swampscot Ave Plymouth Lane Plymouth Ave to End Belleair Dr Morningside to Sunset Duke St Stetson Ave to Nantucket Ave Alvin Rd Essex St to End Ryan Place Essex To End




NaemhOisin October 13, 2012 at 01:05 PM
The two worst streets in town are not on that list - Roy and Crescent Streets - how did the town select which streets would be paved? Puritan Road?? Sidewalks in many spots are impassable - it's not great seeing kids walking to school in the middle of the street but hey - it's this side of town, who cares
NaemhOisin October 13, 2012 at 01:08 PM
Let me add - in the middle of the "sinking, pot-hole filled, dangerous, uneven, motion-sickness inducing, dangerous, oh i said that....dangerous, uneven, splitting, cracking" street with speeding traffic at certain times of the day......ugh a disaster waiting to happen


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