No Condo Trash Pickup Any Time Soon

Selectmen are deadlocked on the trash pickup question


Selectman Jill Sullivan announced last week that she cannot vote on the issue of trash pickup for condominium buildings because it has been ruled that she has a conflict of interest.

Sullivan owns and leases a unit in one of the condominium buildings that would have received town trash pickup, had it been approved.

That means that the Board of Selectmen is deadlocked, two to two, on the issue, which leaves the trash pickup issue as it is.

Private trash pickup serves the buildings.

"There was a little wiggle room in the opinion," Sullivan said. But her tenant died and she is actively marketing the unit, which would put her in conflict if she voted to allow the town to pickup trash at the building.

If the town picks up the trash, condo owners would not have to pay for private trash pickup.


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