New Town Master Plan on Deck

The town's current plan for residential and commercial development is decades old.

Town Planner Peter Kane is preparing a proposal for a two-year Master Plan development to replace the town's badly outdated current Master Plan for residential and commercial development.

He projected that the new Master Plan would cost $100,000 to $125,000.

Kane said the town is supposed to update its Master Plan every five years. But Swampscott has not updated its Master Plan since 1971.

With an updated Master Plan, prepared by a professional land-use planning firm, the town could update it internally every five years without having to go to the expense of hiring an outside firm, Kane said.

The advantage of having a current Master Plan is that the town's boards (i.e., the Planning Board, Zoning Board) will have a clear idea of what proposed new developments should be approved. In addition, developers will know what projects are likely to be approved by the town, he said. 

The proposal for a new Master Plan would have to be approved by the Capital Improvements Committee and the Finance Committee before it is presented to the Town Meeting for authorization and funding.


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