Field to be Named For Duratti, Holmes and Cerone

Little League officials convinced selectmen that the trio's combined and extraordinary service for well over 100 years merited naming the Little League field in their memory.

Selectmen relented Monday and approved the naming of theLittle League field in memory of Al Duratti, Andrew Holmes and Alfio Cerone.

Selectmen appeared reluctant at the start of Monday's meeting to allow recognition for the men beyond plaques or a sign.

Selectmen Chairman Matt Strauss said naming a field would set a precedent and the board would be unable to say no if other leagues came to them with field naming requests. 

But Little League President Scott Sagan and Board of Directors Dan Santanello, Rob Hopkins and Jim Kirby all said the contributions from the three longtime Little League supporters were special.

At least two of them worked on behalf of Little League to the very end of their lives. Al Duratti was coaching this summer, the summer he died.

The three youth baseball supporters volunteered for about a combined 140 baseball seasons, enriching the lives of kids in town.

In short, they represent a special circumstance because the town is not likely to see this kind of a commitment any time soon, the baseball officials said.

"I think this is different," Santanello said.

Selectman Jill Sullivan said her gut reaction was that a plaque or other physical memorial at the field would properly recognize the men.

But she deferred to the Little League officials' arguments. 

"You seem pretty firm in your desire to do this," she said.

Selectman Rich Maligrifa supported the field naming from the get go on Monday.

"I think having a field named after them is appropriate," he said.

In the end selectmen voted 4-1 to support naming the field after Duratti, Holmes and Cerone.

The selectmen's chairman voiced the lone no vote. 

george depaolo November 22, 2011 at 08:21 PM
Well done Dan ,Rob and Jim, well deserving honor for 3 great Coaches. Danny you need to get back on the Seletmen board.......
John November 24, 2011 at 02:05 AM
No Thanks Dan ...
David Whelan November 26, 2011 at 01:43 AM
With all due respect to the memories of three good and decent men, we should not be naming any field or building after anyone until we name a field or building after Jared Raymond, Jennifer Harris, and Justin Mooers. No disrespect intended.
george depaolo November 26, 2011 at 08:47 PM
I too would agree that we do NOT forget these Heroes - fortunately this town has a great tradition of honoring war heroes with monuments, street intersections as well as the monument located in the new High School dedicated to our most recent "Fallen Heroes". Although we could NEVER begin to show our thanks/appreciation, it is a permenant reminder located front & center so this generation as well as those to come know of the ultimate sacrifice these fellow Swampscott residents made!!! With having said that, seems as though there are enough buildings, street corners, land on the Monument as well as fields to be able to honor not only war heroes but those who could be described as "Volunteer" Heroes!!! Again, I am all for our war heroes getting as much recognition as possible but don't believe we would diminish their efforts/sacrifices by honoring others..... Isn't there enough room in your heart as well as in the town to honor them all???
Judith Cerone Keenan November 27, 2011 at 03:15 PM
The Cerone Family wishes to acknowledge and thank the town of Swampscott for the tribute to our father, Al Cerone, our cousin, Al Duratti, and our dear friend, Andy Holmes by naming the baseball field they so loved in gratitude of their devotion to the youth of Swampscott. We thank the Little League officials for their efforts, and greatly appreciate the Selectmen’s thoroughness in deliberating the various options and deciding upon naming the field. In their modesty, we know these three dedicating men would have been humbled by this recognition. Thank you again.


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