Serious Accident at Stetson and Norfolk in Swampscott

Several people were transported to hospitals.

Helicopter at Clarke School on the field. Credit: Neal Duffy
Helicopter at Clarke School on the field. Credit: Neal Duffy

A young person was transported to a Boston hospital by helicopter and the other occupants were transported to Salem after a car struck a railroad bridge abutment at Stetson Avenue early this morning.

Swampscott fire and police units responded to the crash about 1 a.m., said Fire Chief Kevin Breen.
The individual transported to Boston had a head injury. The other three occupants were transported to Salem Hospital.

All of the individuals were conscious upon the arrival of first responders, the fire chief said.

All the individuals were out of the vehicle, which caught fire. It is unclear if they were helped by a passerby or got out on their own, he said.

Fire crews extinguished the fire.

The car was traveling towards Norfolk Avenue when it struck the bridge abutment, the fire chief said.

The car was a four-door sedan, a rental. 

Swampscott fire and police and Lynn fire were at Clarke when the helicopter landed and took off.

Karen Reinhardt September 15, 2013 at 08:53 PM
We were awakened by a crash that sounded like an explosion. That accident was frightening! The police and rescue people got there within minutes. And than it seemed like all of the residents had come out of their homes, as if it were daytime. We pray for the accident victims. It was horrifying to see one of the victims fighting the efforts by the firemen to try to help him. The good Lord was looking over the victim when he calmed down after the EMT gave him an injection. Than came a medevac helicopter that sounded like the movies in our neighborhood. Amazing to think that within minutes that young man was at a Boston hospital. The police and rescue people did a fantastic job. But my God, the speed that people travel on Stetson has got to be addressed before someone else get hurts. Prayers for the injured and the rescue workers.


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