Man Reportedly Throws Girlfriend and Kicks Cat

The following is an excerpt from the Swampscott Police logs. Where charges are mentioned it does not indicate a conviction.


Monday, March 11

  • At 9:29 am., police received a report of an attempted breaking and entering at a Mountwood Road home. 
  • At 1:48 p.m., police received a request from a woman for an escort home to Littles Point to keep the peace as she has had problems with her roommate. 
  • At 4:27 p.m., a caller from a Littles Point residence reported being threatened by another tenant.  
  • At 11:45 p.m., a 17-year-old at an Essex Street location reported needing help with a hygiene matter. The fire department was notified and the girl was transported to Salem Hospital. 

Tuesday, March 12

  • At 8:52 a.m., police conducted a well being check for a Nirvana Drive man who did not show up for work. 
  • At 11:31 a.m., possible drug activity was reported at the high school.
  • At 1:52 p.m., police carried out a well being check on a woman at a Tidd Street home.
  • At 4:18 p.m., a detective reported suspicious parties checking out the Humphrey Street and Ingalls Terrace area. Parties were in a white van.
  • At 5:55 p.m., police received a report that a motorist almost ran someone over at the Swampscott Mall.
  • At 9:43 p.m., police received a call from Boulder Way that someone had been drinking all day and took subvoxin. The person was taken to Salem Hospital. During the call, police dispatch heard a person in the background who sounded like he was telling another person to get rid of everything in the room and to tell police that they just came over and the victim suddenly went down.
  • At 11:50 p.m., an intoxicated man was transported from Essex Street to Salem Hospital. 

Wednesday, March 13

  • At 12:23 p.m., police received a report of a motor vehicle accident at 286 Humphrey St.
  • At 3:41 p.m., police received a report from the MBTA that three intoxicated commuters at the Swampscott Train Station were refused boarding on a train. They were two men and one woman on the inbound platform. Transit police were notified, as well. Police responded. They found a 50-year-old man and a 53-year-old man arguing. They were sent on their way.  
  • At 4:48 p.m., police received a report of a possible sick raccoon in a Cherry Street backyard.
  • At 11:18 p.m., police received a call from a person who said his friend had called him and said she was being abused by her boyfriend at a Rock Avenue residence. The boyfriend was said to have thrown a cat at the woman and punched holes in the wall. The woman left by taxi from the address for the Revere area and later headed by taxi to Medford. Police reached a taxi dispatcher who spoke to the woman and relayed to police what she had said. The woman said the man at the house had thrown her to the ground and kicked her cat downstairs but she was OK and was ending the relationship. 


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