High School Student Arraigned on Assault Charge

The 18-year-old also faces charges including witness intimidation and threatening to commit a crime.

Patch file photo
Patch file photo
A Swampscott High School student was arraigned this week for allegedly assaulting a teacher over an incident involving a cell phone.

Narek Demirtshyan, 18, of 1004 Paradise Road, #2P, Swampscott is also charged with threatening to commit a crime, disturbing a public assembly, witness intimidation and disorderly conduct.

He was arraigned at Lynn District Court Monday and released on personal recognizance bail.

The charges stem from a cell phone-related incident on Oct. 28 at the school, according to court records.

The police report is based, in part, on School Resource Officer Rose Cheever's interview with the teacher. It states that the teacher took a cell phone from a student in her classroom, about 1:45 p.m., and placed it in her desk drawer.

The student had been taking pictures — selfies — with it during class and trying to take pictures of her, the report states.

The teacher has a no cell phone policy in her classroom, the report states.

Narek Demirtshyan then told the teacher that the phone she took from the student belonged to him and he wanted it back, the report states.

The teacher responded that he could have it back after class, according to the report.

The teacher said the student got angry and walked to her desk and tried to take the phone from the drawer. As she stood in front of the drawer, he reached around her and bumped into her, she said.

The report states that the student continued to confront and argue with the teacher and, later, with others including the campus monitor.

Later, about 2:35 p.m., after the school bell rang, the student allegedly returned to the teacher's classroom doorway and told her that he had been suspended and that she had better fix it "right away or I swear to God ...," the report states.

The student was suspended by Assistant Principal Frank Kowalski for 7 days.

The case is scheduled for a probable cause hearing on Feb. 10.

The report states that the student did not file a written account of the incident with police.

The criminal complaint for the incident was issued on Nov. 8.
Karen Reinhardt December 26, 2013 at 08:20 PM
Kudos to the teacher for having a "no cell phone" policy. Fortunately, someone in the school system had the moxie to stand up to this 18 year old animal (I wonder how many calls to bosses and lawyers were required to get approval to suspend the student, for fear of some challenge by the ACLU). The animal opened the door through his performance for other students to emulate his behaviors, and it is a necessity that the students see that the school system has zero tolerance for this animal's behavior. It is unfortunate that a school teacher has to be subjected to these behaviors. Hopefully, the school system, police department, and the courts will take a strong position against this animal's behaviors.
Louis Massei December 26, 2013 at 09:47 PM
The issue here is that some teachers have a policy of no cell phones and others don't. It should be uniform where all students shut their phones off during class. Why the school department doesn't have this policy is beyond me. But, of course we are talking about Swampscott, where students who bring in knives to school only get suspensions, so we might as well be uniform in our policies. So students who threaten teachers only get suspensions and students who bring weapons in only get suspensions. I am wondering why these students aren't expelled and unless other people start to question these policies, its only a question of when something more serious will occur. I wonder how many other incidents don't get reported and are handled internally. It should make you think about the safety of your son or daughter attending schools here.
JustAMom December 27, 2013 at 02:24 PM
situations like this make me so nervous for the teacher-i cannot get poor Colleen Ritzer our of my mind, esp when reading something like this---our teachers and students need protection from these animals who bring weapons to school, and those who exhibit threatening behavior toward a teacher-we cannot tolerate this any longer and as a community must make that clear to ALL--let's not wait until it's too late and someone is harmed, or worse
Fred Hammer December 27, 2013 at 02:35 PM
justamom what do you think should to the student i say gone for the next 2 years . i also thought the kid with the knife should be gone for life. only in swampscott 7 days and knife boy back in school
Anne Brown December 27, 2013 at 05:00 PM
No cell phones or head phones out allowed in classrooms or the library at the high school...I was there for years in the Library...until they closed it this year....
JustAMom December 27, 2013 at 10:06 PM
a student who brings a knife to school needs to be gone for good-a student who threatens a teacher needs to be gone for good--why do we have to potentially sacrifice an innocent person for the evil intent of others?


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