Downspout Thief in Action: Recognize Face in Video?

Thieves have stolen downspouts from Town Hall, two houses of worship and two residences in recent days.

Video of downspout thief suspect. Courtesy of SPD
Video of downspout thief suspect. Courtesy of SPD

Swampscott has been plagued by downspout thefts in recent days.

Attached to this post are a video clip and still photos of suspects in recent thefts in town.

Thieves have stolen copper downspouts from Swampscott Town Hall, two Swampscott houses of worship including Holy Name Church and two Swampscott residences.  

The suspects in at least some of those Swampscott incidents are described as white males.

The most recent theft took place Tuesday, Jan. 13, at 2:49 a.m. at Swampscott Town Hall. Still photos that accompany this post show a suspect in the theft.

On Jan. 10, thieves stole downspouts from a House of Worship in Swampscott. The accompanying video shows a close-up of that individual and another person standing nearby.

The Swampscott police log from Monday, Jan. 13, includes an entry from 12:20 p.m. reporting that 12 downspouts were stolen overnight from Holy Name Church.

 A neighbor reported a small gray pick up with cap in the area at the time of the Holy Name theft. 

Anybody with any info, please call Swampscott PD 781-595-1111.


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