Attempted Murder Suspect Released on Bail

Bail conditions include weekly reports to probation and to stay away from the alleged victim.


A Swampscott man was released on $1,000 bail last week following his Aug. 19, arrest by  on a charge of attempted murder and a subsequent dangerousness hearing.

Gregory Guerette, 22, of 6 Shackle Way, allegedly knocked the victim to a bed in an upstairs bedroom at his house on Aug. 19 and jumped on and choked her, while their child was in the house, according to court records.

The alleged victim, the mother of their 7-week-old baby, said the suspect stopped choking her for some reason and she was able to go downstairs and get her baby. 

Lynn District Court Judge Ellen Flatley noted in the case file after the Aug. 16 dangerousness hearing that Guerette was a danger to the alleged victim and child.

Guerette is scheduled for a probable cause hearing on Oct. 4.

Bail conditions imposed by the judge require the defendant to report to probation each week.

He was ordered to stay away from the victim and the child.

Guerette was also charged with assault and battery and witness tampering.

The incident happened after an argument and after the suspect allegedly knocked from the woman's hand a baby bottle she was preparing, the record states.

"Once on top of her he began to strangle her with both hands and stated, 'You are going to die today bitch,'" the officer states in the record.

The alleged victim told police that she tried to scream but could not and felt like she was going to pass out and die, the record states.

In an interview with police, Guerette said he argued with the victim over another girl, the record states.

He told police he knocked a can of baby formula from the victim's hand and she punched him in the eye and bit him on the arm, the record states.

He said the woman was hitting him and he restrained her on the bed by putting a knee on her and holding her down by the neck, the record states.

He said he did not try to strangle her, he was only trying to restrain her, the record states.

Police stated that Guerette asked during the interview if he could use his cell phone to call his mother.

Unknown to police, the suspect allegedly then used his phone to text the victim. Police took the cell phone and charged Guerette with intimidating a witness.



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