Attempted Murder Suspect Allegedly Punched and Choked Victim

The 28-year-old suspect awaits a dangerousness hearing.


A 28-year-old Lynn man charged with attempted murder allegedly choked the victim to the point where she felt she was going to pass out.

Swampscott police arrested Edwin Coriano-Cardona, 14 Border St., Lynn on Tuesday night. The domestic incident took place at 27 Cherry St., Apt. 13, in Swampscott.

The alleged victim told police that she and Cardona had gotten into an argument over a woman and that the argument escalated.

It allegedly escalated to the point where Cardona struck the woman with closed punches to the head area, the report states. She then found herself on the couch on her back with Cardona on top of her, his hands around her throat, the report states.

She told police that he began to strangle her and cursed at her.

After about 10 seconds she told him "I can't breathe," and he loosened his grip, the report states.

At that point she ran for the door and was punched in the back twice before she was able to escape to her mother's apartment.

When police arrived the woman had a swollen upper lip and her face and neck were flushed and the woman was crying and extremely emotional, police said in the report.

An ambulance was called to the apartment complex but the victim refused care.

Coriano-Cardona had a different version of the events at the apartment.

He told police that there was a verbal argument and the woman threw things around and broke a plate, the report states.

He said he told her to calm down and she approached him. He said he restrained her, grabbing her wrists, and pushed her on the couch, again telling her to calm down, according to the court report. 

Coriano-Cardona was arraigned the next day in Lynn District Court. He is scheduled for a hearing to determine whether he should be held until the date of the trial. 

The suspect was also charged with assault and battery domestic, and arrested on a warrant.

The warrant charges are witness intimidation, assault and battery domestic, malicious destruction of property of more than $250 in value and wanton destruction of property of more than $250 in value.



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