What Moms Want for the Holidays

You can't buy it in the store ...


What do moms want for the holidays? 

Hint: it's not our two front teeth. We got those years ago and thankfully, haven't lost them yet.

And, it’s not really chores and the mundane daily things, but those would be nice. So, feel free to pitch in more, flush toilets, put away shoes, run errands and make beds. And, feel free to do this all the time, not just for the holidays.

The holiday run up is different for each family member. For many kids it means making a list of items desired from Santa, parents, grandparents. For others in the family, it's about showing up that day and sitting down to a great meal in a festive atmosphere.

In most homes, the kids and dad chip in with chores and errands, but it is usually Mom who does the lion's share. Moms do this with love in their heart and a true desire to create a warm family setting, but it can be stressful too.

The holiday run up for moms involves days of shopping for gifts and food as well as cleaning and cooking. It often happens during snippets of time around our jobs and the rest of our lives. 

Once, I tried a short cut. I attended a community celebration versus one in home. We tried it with the same friends and family we would be with anyway, but it was not the same. 

Predictably, the men and children decided to never do that again, while the women sort of enjoyed sitting back and letting others do all the work. 

But, we returned to the home celebration because there is nothing that compares to the warmth of curling up by the fire, stuffed with good food, in a house that smells great and relaxing with family and friends.

While it was nice to have the food made and served, it is nicer to be able to relax on your own schedule with the people you love most.

For those who have children coming home from college or boarding school or family members coming from afar, it adds a dimension.

As I think about what moms want for the holidays, this comes to mind. We just want cooperation with all we have built, we want it to come off without a hitch and to be a great family day.

So, we would certainly like help and appreciation. If we ask for a chair to be brought from the basement or a bag of ice purchased, please do it in timely fashion, no questions asked. 

But, mainly, get into the spirit of what was created. Enjoy the family time and space. Play with cousins and family friends of all ages. Put away the cell phone. Participate in the family game of spoons, charades, foosball or whatever your family does.

If you want to help clear the dishes, put the chairs back in the basement or dump the ice out of the cooler, that would be nice too.


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