Resident Bemoans Humongous Charmless Buildings

Letter to the editor from Freddy Phillips.


Here we go again!  Between all the impact studies and developers running around town trying to eat up all the open space that is available in SWAMPSCOTT, one gets the feeling that we are on the starting line at the beginning of the OKLAHOMA LAND RUSH.  What is going on?

The Concordia: a truly horrible building, claustrophobic, unliked by everyone that I have spoken to.  What have we done to a wonderful piece of SWAMPSCOTT?  We even managed to do away with the little peek-a-boo spots showing the ocean.  

Tourists and residents do not want to see these humongous buildings. What they want to see are buildings like Captain Jacks, and the other structures that were there. The Concordia affects everything: restaurants, retail, taxes, charm and beauty.  I can hear the parents saying nothing old and quaint here, let's go on to Marblehead and Salem.  

This is what all the boards in town saw as the right thing to do.  It just seemed to get pushed through, again. Where is the transparency that we deserve to have?  I wish we could take a vote right now, and let the citizens of SWAMPSCOTT to say yea or nay on this project. Of course it is too late.

The other projects in town are the Temple Israel site, Greenwood Ave school, Machon and Hadley schools, and the Vaughn Place condo project. All of these projects are being rammed down the throats of all the neighborhoods.  There is not a doubt in my mind that before a developer proposes his plans, that it should be mandatory that he at least have the courtesy to include those families that are going to be impacted by the project, and have a discussion to see what can work for all.  It seems like a reasonable, and an honorable thing to do.

I live in one of the neighborhoods, Greenwood Ave, and can attest to the fact that not once have we had any dialogue with Groom Construction to discuss our concerns or to give some input into this development.  It is not the right thing to do.  I know he went to the school, but seems to have a dislike for the institution.  He wants to demolish the entire property without keeping one piece of history.  SAD.  Everyone of a certain age had some interest with that building.  It is a truly historic building in SWAMPSCOTT. Not to mention that 41 units overlooking our homes means an influx of more than double the amount of people, cars and traffic in our already crampeds neighborhood.  Our houses values  will drop.

How many of you would want the Concordia overlooking your property?  Be honest with yourselves.  TO BE CONTINUED...

Freddy Phillips

NaemhOisin October 27, 2012 at 03:47 PM
I literally shudder each and every single time I have to drive by that monstrosity...I abhor it--it just doesn't fit in - I do not know what impact this approaching storm will have on that property............but.......well..........I would not be upset if it just blew away (sorry)~~~~
Nospinicus October 27, 2012 at 09:31 PM
The Whale on Humphrey Street As Swampscott residents drive up and down Humphrey Street, they watch with mounting shock as the misnamed Concordia building grows to massive proportions. How was such an overwhelming structure allowed to be built on one of Swampscott’s main roads? For the answer you have to go back to meetings of the Swampscott Zoning Board of Appeals During the course of these meeting, the developer, Parturk, LLC, requested and received not one, not two, not three, but four variances of dimensional relief of non-conforming use. (Oh, yes, there was a fifth variance given for non-conforming parking.) The dimensional relief requested by Parturk and received from the ZBA was for maximum lot coverage, minimum open space, front yard setback and height. These four space variances were the ZBA’s highly questionable permission to build a huge building on an undersized lot. The upshot of these variances is what you see being built now on Humphrey Street - an appallingly oversized building. The ZBA did not have the foresight when it past these permissive variances to envision the whale being built on Humphrey Street, but they should have, it was its responsibility. Nospinicus
Peter Pierce November 01, 2012 at 11:58 PM
Doesn't anybody in Swampscott care about opens spaces and parks? How about a neighborhood park for the Greenwod Ave residents?
Jimmy Hoffa November 02, 2012 at 12:49 AM
And a park would bring how much in tax revenue?


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