Letter to Editor: Thank You For Handicap Parking

This letter came from Mr. and Mrs. David Malphrus, who thank town officials for securing a handicap parking place.

I would like to publicly thank our selectmen and town officials for their work in getting a handicap parking spot for my wife.

Although it took a long time with the traffic committee and town officials, the selectman got involved Wednesday Night and this was accomplished on Friday. Mr. Van Dam, Mr. Malagrifa, Mr.Kessler, Miss. Sullivan and Mr. Greenfield were instrumental in making this happen immediately.

Thank You Mr. Younger, Mr. Castellarin, Mr. Cresta and Chief Madigan for coming out with Mr. Kessler and finally getting this spot approved.

Although not officially approved until the next selectman’s meeting, there is finally a solution. We want you all to know we appreciate your diligence and thank you for giving back my wife’s freedom to get into our van

Mr. and Mrs. David Malphrus


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