Jackson Park finally ready to be used, or is it?

My kids use to play at Jackson Park all the time until the Machon School was closed, 7 years ago.  7 years it took for the town of Swampscott to fulfill its promise of creating a new playground for the neighborhood.  But lets me honest, if it weren't for the Donohers and their heroic efforts of collecting metal, it would have taken a lot longer.  New grass was just planted and the basketball hoop is finally in.  My son is able to walk down his street and shoot hoops, my 3 year old nephew can play in an amazing spider web and slide down a slide.  But not anymore, or not until the carnival leaves.  I don't understand why nobody asks the neighborhood how they feel.  How do we feel about the new grass being torn up by carnival rides, how do we feel about the picnic bench being put on top of the garage, how do we feel about no longer being able to play in a park we have waited 7 years for.  I don't think they would get a popular response.  But nobody wants to complain, nobody wants to speak up, why?  All that hard work to make the park beautiful, for what?  I believe in fundraising, I know how hard it is to raise money, but how much is it going to cost to fix a park that is only a few months old.  For once I would like someone, anyone, to ask the neighborhood of hard working families how they feel.  Just once. 
Louis Massei June 20, 2014 at 10:13 AM
I would ask our two newly elected selectpersons about fixing the park.


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