The Westhovens Go To Washington, D.C.

The Westhovens took their three children to Washington, D.C. for school vacation week. They spent a week seeing the nation's capital. No car, no deadlines. Lots of memories.


The Westhovens took a vacation that will likely be forever etched in their storehouse of family memories. 

Washington, D.C. is so close yet many of us never get there or, if we do, we try to cram everything into a single day.

It's a wonderful East Coast location that stirs excitement for visitors with its powerful political presence, rich history and educational sites including national monuments and museums.

Here is the Westhoven family's itinerary if any of you are thinking of visiting Washington, D.C., and looking for some suggested activities.

Thank you, Emily. 

  1. We took Amtrak from South Station to Union Station in D.C. and back - would definitely recommend doing this again!
  2. We visited (all Smithsonian Institutions and free of charge): Air and Space Museum, American History Museum , Natural History Museum and the National Zoo  http://www.si.edu/Museums
  3. We went ice skating in the National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden Ice Rink. So much fun!!http://www.nga.gov/ginfo/skating.shtm
  4. We walked up and down the mall and visited the Washington Memorial (closed because of last year’s earthquake), World War II Memorial, Vietnam Memorial and Lincoln Memorial
  5. We took the Metro to Arlington Cemetary
  6. Visited Georgetown
  7. And had tours of the White House, the Capitol and Library of Congress (applied for on Tierney’s Web sitehttp://tierney.house.gov/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=222&Itemid=566 and arranged through his office).

"It was a full week! We had no car and didn’t need it. It was great."


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