School and Town Hail Flag Girls and The Joes

The School Committee and Selectmen have recognized the senior flag girls.

Flag clip. Courtesy: Terry Date
Flag clip. Courtesy: Terry Date

First the School Committee took time-out to recognize the Swampscott senior girls flag team's accomplishment. 

Then last night, Wednesday, town selectmen tipped their cap to the team and their monumental 28-26 win in double overtime against Marblehead the Saturday before Thanksgiving.

Selectman Matt Strauss said it was one of the most exciting sporting events he has ever witnessed.

Chairman Jill Sullivan shouted out to the yeoman's service by the two Joes, the Big Blue team's coaches and the senior class advisors — Joe Tenney and Joe Bennett.

We also have a bit of history from Swampscott High alumna Barb Yozell.

Barb gives us this background on the roots of the Swampscott/Marblehead flag football challenge.

"Circa 1960 a gaggle of gals of the senior class at SHS challenged the lowly juniors to a tag football game on a Saturday before Thanksgiving.  This came about on a Friday evening at a meeting in the ladies room of the now long lost Surf Theatre between shows. My dim memory reminds me that some of our coaches were guys from our class Gino Spelta, Bill Bufalino, Bruce Jordan, Phil Janvrin...Stan Bondelevitch allowed us to suit up in full football uniforms ( kinda hard to run in shoulder pads, etc.)...I am reminded that I kicked the winning field goal to defeat the Jrs. though again the memory fades... And so the tradition was started...intramural grew into interscholastic many years later..."


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