Woodchuck Hole Kitties Seek Home

The two brothers, their litter mates and their mom were rescued from a woodchuck hole near Wyoma Square last June.


Critter and Catfish celebrated their first birthday on March 1, at the Marblehead Animal Shelter.

The shelter has been their home since they were rescued from a woodchuck hole in Lynn last June.

Since then, they've seen their siblings and their mom get adopted.

C & C got adopted, too, but their stay in the free world was cut short when their owner decided they we were too rambunctious.

C & C were so happy to be out of the joint that they ran around and knocked over a few lamps and a television. We hope it was a miniature television.

In any event they've been on a kitty behavior modification program at the shelter and feel like they are ready to adjust to polite society.

Once they adjust to you, and you adjust to them, you'll be as thick as thieves.

Oh yeah, and they are very close to each other and refuse to be split up.

If you are curious about these cats, have a look at our video.

And if you want to take you inquiry a step further, drop in to the shelter during visiting hours.

Last count there were more than dozen cats looking for a home at Friends of Marblehead's Abandoned Animals.

The cats have a saying there: "Equal time for kitty cause I ain't no dog. Bow-wow-wow."

For more information visit online at www.marblehead-animal-shelter.org or in person at 44 Village Street, Marblehead. 781 631-8664


Monday 4–6:30
Tuesday 4–6:30
Thursday 4–6:30
Friday 5–7:00
Saturday 12–6:30
Sunday 12–4

Equal Time music by The Strays: vocals by Laura Turner, guitjo by Mark Aleo and song by Terry Date.


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