What's Open on Christmas?

With the exception of some restaurants, pharmacies, Dunkin' Donuts (6 am to 1 pm) and convenience stores most every other place in town is closed on Christmas Day, Sunday.

Here is a list of what's open and closed in Swampscott: 


These restaurants are open:

at (435 Paradise Road, 781-581-5888)

(203 Burrill St., 781-592-5357)

(146 Humphrey St., 781-593-3308)

 (430 Paradise Road, 781-599-1780)

 (408 Humphrey St., 781-596-1820).

Convenience stores: Open 

(444 Humphrey St., 781.581.5487) 

Pharmacies: Open


  (450 Paradise Road, 781-581-1327)

Coffee Shops

(Paradise Road, 781-780-3570) From 6 am to 1 pm

Retail stores: Closed

Banks: Closed

Liquor stores: Closed 

Government Offices: Closed


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