Swampscott Schools Closed on Monday

Snow needs to be cleared from school parking lots and snowbanks lowered for children walking to school.


Swampscott Public Schools are closed tomorrow, Feb. 11, for all students and staff, said High School Principal Layne Millington.

School plowing contractors have work to do at the high school and middle school, said DPW Director Gino Cresta.

And DPW needs to remove snow from sidewalks and snowbanks to make walking routes safer.

School maintenance and school contractors are responsible for plowing the high school and middle school.

DPW is responsible for plowing Hadley, Clarke and Stanley Elementary Schools, the DPW director said.

blades February 10, 2013 at 11:31 PM
Will they be clearing sidewalk on Essex St so that the high school kids can walk safely?
Terry Date (Editor) February 11, 2013 at 03:14 AM
Hi Blades. Saw a small excavator clearing sidewalks on Essex this afternoon.
NaemhOisin February 11, 2013 at 09:35 PM
just saw the first plow on my street since saturday morning at 5 am - but it did not have its plow down, why? good luck to the school bus getting up this little narrow slushy snowy snow-banked street..'aint happenin' - swampscott is into the eco-friendly sort of plowing - the all natural method - you know, melting on its own-what a mess--other certain parts of town seem to have made out lots better in the plowing department
David Arsenault February 11, 2013 at 10:26 PM
Sorry but I have to comment on your second post storm plow post. As a Snow plow operator myself I have to let you know what it's about. The plow itself won't scrape up hard pack or any form of Ice. Slush yes but that just splashes around following a downhill grade or low spot to settle in. Now if a big melt is forcasted and everyone is shoveled out, (one swampscott resident had a tack doing this), Why would a plow operator want to ruin all the hard work of the home owners. Also keep in mind the snow can only be pushed back So far before it has nowhere to go. There comes a point it where it needs to be snowblown onto private property or hauled away. Keep in mind plow frames and blades break, both are super expensive. When the truck is no longer usefull for the stated reasons the DPW workers drive around looking for any minor messes, also when it is the following morning of a 20hr shift some are taking naps, just like any other human being. So if Mother nature does this again think about the equipment we got to work with and space we got to put it. It's a problem of living in a city.


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