Swampscott's Finest Kitchens

Here's a closer look at the kitchens inside ten of the most expensive homes for sale in Swampscott.

We'd like you to pretend for a second that you've just won the lottery or inherited a large sum of money.

You've decided to use a large chunk of your new-found wealth to buy a new house in Swampscott and you're looking for a home with a kitchen  that you'd be proud to show off.

Here's a closer look at the kitchens inside ten of the most expensive homes currently up for sale in Swampscott. The map to the right of the photo gallery pinpoints their locations in town.


Address List Price Sq. Ft. Bed/Bath 21 Rockyledge Road
$4.5 million
101 Puritan Lane
$3.6 million 3,706 4/3 76 Phillips Beach Ave.
$3.0 million
3,215 4/6 15 Cutting Road
$2.8 million
145 Puritan Road
$2.3 million 7,621 7/7 80 Blodgett Avenue
$2.0 million
56 Galloupes Point
$1.9 million 6,196 5/7 34 Blodgett Avenue
$1.8 million
2,465 4/2 71 Puritan Road
$1.8 million
2,373 4/3 9 Galloupes Point
$1.6 million
4,694 5/6

Information compiled using MLS data courtesy of Aol Real Estate.

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