Star Searchers Out

The movie scene was quiet at midday. Still, there will plenty of people out searching for a glimpse of Mark Wahlberg.

Sisters Judy Coyne, 63, and Jane Linsley, 66, walked about five miles for a look at the movie set for Ted in Swampscott.

The sisters from Lynn snapped photos of the setrucks and light stands and electrical boxes. They admired the lonely house and seemed satisfied just to see it without any action.

The set had all the quiet of a ghost town in a Hollywood western.

But the Mark Wahlberg film is being shot in the east, and the Swampscott scenes are hard against the Atlantic Ocean at 441 Atlantic Ave.

It's a comedy about a grown character's childhood Teddy Bear coming to life.

A resident who lives nearby, Andi Oberlander, walked along Atlantic Avenue with a small digital camera looking for Mark Wahlberg.

"I went down to the beach to see if  could see something because I heard Mark Wahlberg (was seen)," she said.

Construction crews at a large house being restored next to the movie set were busy installing a driveway Thursday around noon.

They are use to a lot of trucks and traffic being around the work site.

"Every day is like a little movie production for us," said Rob Cooke, the site supervisor.

The crews had not noticed any movie action.

Neither had Mario Lopez, a landscaper, cutting grass at a property across the street from the movie set.

His crew weaved their mowers around small portable movie set lights being stored on the property.

Electrical cables stretched along the driveway and over the lawn.

He was surprised to see the equipment when he arrived and wondered what was happening. Later he found out that movie scenes were being shot across the street.

This isn't the first movie shot in Swampscott.

Janet Weldon was out for a walk near the set Thursday and recalled another movie in which scenes were filmed in Swampscott.

It starred Susan Sarrandon and Dustin Hoffman. It was filmed about 10 years ago  during the summer.

There was a snow-making machine on the set and it was cranking out a storm in August.

"It was melting as soon as it hit the ground," she said. 

Yesterday was cold enough for the snow to stick around a little longer but people were hot to see some Hollywood action.



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