School Committee Hires Superintendent for 2013-14

Committee members voted unanimously Wednesday on the recommended candidate for interim superintendent.

Garry Murphy will take the helm of the Swampscott school system starting July 1, helping to develop administrative talent within the district during his year-long tenure.

Murphy, a retired superintendent who is now serving as interim superintendent in Wakefield, had expressed some reservation about assuming the interim post — preferring a coaching role — during his interview on Monday.

This after he learned that the school leadership team preferred that the current assistant superintendent, Pamela Angelakis, become interim superintendent.

School Committee member Rick Kraft said that in subsequent conversations with Murphy, he came to see the Committee's point of view.

Committee members want an experienced superintendent, someone who has helped stabilize and bring together other districts in flux, to be the interim superintendent.

They want Murphy to move forward with technological and other existing initiatives and mentor and coach administrators.

Assistant Superintendent Angelakis said she is excited about working alongside and with Murphy.

Murphy will serve as a part-time superintendent, working with and mentoring the assistant superintendent.

Committee members voted unanimously to begin negotiations with Murphy.

He said earlier he was confident that he would be agreeable to working for the money budgeted for the post.

School Committee members said they wanted to hire the interim superintendent without spending any more money than the district would have spent had no changes been made.

Superintendent Lynne Celli will serve in the coming school year as executive superintendent for special projects, and is scheduled to earn $85,000, or half her current $170,000 salary.

Murphy was interim superintendent at Hillsboro-Deering last year and an educational consultant for Arlington, Nashoba Valley, Groton-Dunstable and Swamspcott between 2005-2010.  He retired in 2005 after 13 years as superintendent for the Triton Regional School District.



Lenny April 25, 2013 at 01:49 PM
I don't know, but this seems too good to be true. An experienced superitendant to mentor a local, who has worked her way up through the system, who hopefully will eventually assume the role. And we get Mr Murphy at no cost above what was already budgeted? Hate to jinx us, but I think this is the most positive plan I have seen in years.....and I think it will work.
Liz April 26, 2013 at 01:15 PM
I agree....now cut the budget...why do we need an exec, assistant and superintendant... $85,000 is a lot of money for a grant writer...the whole issue seems suspicious...hopefully this guy will clean things up..the school committee seemed so unprepared while interviewing Murphy...although Murphy ran the interview so it was a good chance to see him in action....let's hope he is the real deal...we pay dearly into the school budget and not sure if we get the most for our hard earned money...we are done just giving and giving....


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